“Eight Decades of Love: Missouri Couple Marks 80th Wedding Anniversary on New Year’s Day”

“A Remarkable New Year’s Celebration: Missouri Couple, Andrew (103) and Bertha “Bunny” (102) Kowalcyk, Commemorate 80 Years of Marriage at Cape Albeon Lakeside Retirement Living in Valley Park.

Originating from New Hampshire, the couple’s love story began at a dance at the University of New Hampshire, where both Andrew and Bertha participated in a dance lottery and serendipitously chose the same number, 23, leading to their union.

Within a month of their first date, a significant development occurred. In October 1943, Andrew and Bertha decided to get engaged. Initially planning to wait until after World War II, Andrew, who was serving in the Navy, changed his mind, expressing his desire to marry sooner. Despite logistical challenges, they chose New Year’s Day for the wedding. Andrew, arriving just hours before the ceremony after receiving permission to extend his leave, and Bertha made their vows on January 3rd, solidifying their special bond.”

“On January 1, 1944, Andrew and Bertha exchanged vows, embarking on a journey that would span eight remarkable decades. The couple, blessed with six children and a legacy that includes 31 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, were surrounded by many of their family members during Monday’s jubilant celebration marking their 80th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to this extraordinary couple! Few are privileged to proclaim eight decades of enduring love and companionship with the one they hold dear.”

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