My Brother Treats Me Like a Free Babysitter for His 3 Kids, Sabotaging My Plans Constantly

A 23-year-old woman found herself in an unexpected predicament when she made the difficult choice to call the police on her brother after he left his three children unattended on her porch. Despite her brother’s irresponsible behavior, she ended up facing blame from her family, who accused her of ruining his life.

The woman shared her story on Reddit, revealing that her 27-year-old brother consistently assumed she would babysit his three children without prior confirmation. Fed up with being disregarded and having her plans constantly disrupted, she finally stood her ground when her brother tried the same stunt again.

In a tense exchange, the sister threatened to involve the police, a move her brother doubted she would follow through with. However, when he insisted on dropping off the kids at her doorstep against her wishes, she made good on her threat.

Panicking at the unexpected responsibility, she called the police, who, in turn, involved Child Protective Services when her brother failed to respond. The aunt refused to take custody of the children, leading to their placement under the care of Child Protective Services.

As the situation unfolded, the sister’s decision took a more serious turn than she anticipated. Her brother and his wife lost custody of the kids and faced charges of endangering a child. The 23-year-old was subsequently asked to become the legal guardian of her niece and nephews.

Facing criticism from the rest of her family, the woman grappled with guilt over her actions. Only her grandfather supported her decision, while the others blamed her for breaking up the family. The brother, enraged by the turn of events, accused her of ruining his family, leading to a complex and emotionally charged family dynamic.

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