Matt Damon’s Story of Adopting Cat in Costa Rica Has a Magical Ending

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, famed actor Matt Damon recounted the touching tale of rescuing and adopting a stray cat in Costa Rica nearly a decade ago. Immersed in the wilds of the Costa Rican jungle, Damon formed an unexpected bond with the solitary feline.

“This cat was the definition of a survivor, living on its own in the jungle, hunting, and sporting two large wounds on its sides from battling to stay alive. We began feeding him, and after spending a month there, we felt a responsibility to bring him with us,” Damon explained.

He further elaborated on the family’s deliberation, recognizing that the cat had come to depend on them for survival. Leaving him behind might mean a certain death for the brave little explorer.

Ultimately, the decision was made to transport the cat back to their Los Angeles residence, which boasted a backyard they deemed perfect for their new furry family member.

“He settled into our home effortlessly; we had a quaint yard in LA, and I figured he’d thrive outdoors. But he never once ventured outside again,” Damon shared with a chuckle.

The narrative took a somber turn when Damon revealed that the cat later developed a brain tumor. Under Damon’s care, the cat underwent radiation treatment. During this period, the family relocated to New York and noticed the cat was losing weight and peculiarly walking in circles due to his condition.

The Proposal from Matt Damon’s Cat Neurologist

Upon agreeing to monitor the cat’s condition, Damon was prepared to revisit the situation in three weeks should there be no improvement. It was then that Dr. Chad introduced an unconventional option. Damon recounted, “Chad proposed, ‘How about we try a significant amount of steroids?’ I asked, ‘What exactly do you mean?’ To which he replied, ‘I mean, administering a substantial dosage of steroids.'”

Curious about potential repercussions, Damon inquired about the long-term effects. The neurologist confirmed, “Absolutely, there are significant long-term consequences, but we could see how it unfolds.”

Damon finished the hysterical tale, “That was two and a half years ago.” The audience erupted in applause over this tough as heck cat. ” Now he’s jacked, and I joke that he’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

“He’s got muscles on muscles! He looks great.”


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