Kevin Costner’s Quest to Look Younger After a Shocking Divorce

After a divorce, it’s not uncommon for individuals to seek change. Perhaps a wardrobe refresh, a new set of wheels, or even a fresh hairstyle. Adjustments to one’s routine are natural following such a profound and often distressing life event as the dissolution of a marriage.

Even celebrities aren’t immune to the impulse for post-divorce transformations. According to Radar Online, Kevin Costner finds himself amidst one such journey.

Readers may recall the intricacies of Costner’s romantic life in 2023 (we’ve delved into it extensively), but in essence, the iconic Dances With Wolves actor and Christine Baumgartner parted ways last year after nearly two decades of marriage.

Reports suggest it was Christine who initiated the divorce proceedings, leaving Costner reportedly blindsided by the decision. A subsequent legal battle ensued, resulting in Costner being obligated to pay Baumgartner $63,209 monthly in child support.

While the sum may seem substantial, it falls considerably short of the $161,592 Christine had purportedly sought.

A few months down the road, at 69, Costner found himself amidst a flurry of rumors connecting him to various women. Such speculation is par for the course, I suppose, given that he instantly became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors the moment his divorce was finalized.

Recent months have seen heavy speculation suggesting his romantic involvement with singer Jewel, with reports claiming the pair jetted off on holiday together. Jewel herself hinted at a connection with Kevin during an interview back in April, playfully remarking about the actor: “He’s a great person.”

Addressing the swirling rumors linking them, she acknowledged in the same interview: “The public fascination is indeed intense.”

(Photo by JB Lacroix/FilmMagic)

Whether Kevin Costner has found new love remains a mystery to the world until an official announcement is made. However, according to Radar Online, the leading man of Yellowstone has undergone a notable transformation since his split from Christine.

A source allegedly disclosed to The Globe: “He’s become quite meticulous about his appearance, fussing over his hair incessantly and even opting for weaves. Additionally, he’s ventured into other beauty procedures such as Botox and spray tans in pursuit of a more youthful look.”

The insider went on to reveal: “He used to be low-maintenance when it came to grooming, but now he dedicates hours to his routine, particularly fixating on his hair. Despite jests from his friends about resembling a scarecrow with his bleached locks, he remains undeterred, convinced that he looks fantastic.”

Costner certainly turned heads with his bleached blond hair and fuller hairline at last month’s Cannes Film Festival, where he unveiled the inaugural installment of his ambitious four-part Western series, Horizon: An American Saga.

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