Lisa Rinna, 60, Debuts Bold New Hairstyle, Sparking Universal Praise

After years of sporting her signature ‘mixie’ style—longer in the back, shorter in the front, reminiscent of a pixie cut—Lisa Rinna decided it was time for a change.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star unveiled her striking new look in the spring/summer 2024 digital issue of Only Natural Diamonds.

Throughout the photoshoot, the 60-year-old flaunted a variety of hairstyles, but one in particular stole the spotlight.

In an interview with Only Natural Diamonds, Lisa Rinna shared insights into her evolving style and her journey into the world of fashion.

“I’m an actor, and I love stepping into different characters,” she explained. “After being on a reality show for eight years, I found myself drawn to the creative possibilities that regular photo shoots offered. It was during this time that I began experimenting with wigs and exploring various fashion trends.

This new outlet allowed me to reinvent myself and express different facets of my personality.” Rinna’s willingness to embrace change and her passion for transformation have clearly influenced her latest bold hairstyle choices.

“I feel very comfortable out of my comfort zone. If it shocks people, great. I love to shock people. I love to make people go, ‘Oh my God, look what she’s done now,’” Rinna told Only Natural Diamonds.

And fans were certainly shocked with Rinna’s new look, sparking a flurry of mixed reactions on social media.

One commenter bluntly stated, “She seems so desperate for attention, just like Madonna. It’s embarrassing.” Another critic remarked, “That hair is not doing anything for you! It looks painted on!”

Others chimed in with similarly harsh opinions: “You do not look very good!! Sorry!!” and “Needed a hair assistant for this as well? Seriously wtf is wrong with u?”

Despite the criticism, Rinna remains unfazed, embracing her new style and the conversation it ignites.

What do you think of Lisa Rinna’s bold new buzzcut? Should she embrace it as her new signature style, or should she return to her iconic mixie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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