Land O’Lakes Unveils Redesigned Logo, Eliminating Controversial Native American Imagery

One of the world’s largest producers of dairy products, butter, and cheese, Land O’Lakes, recently underwent a significant rebranding, removing its controversial Native American Indian image from its packaging. The company, founded in 1921, had used the Native American Indian branding logo for its products throughout its entire history. Criticized for its butter maiden imagery, some labeled the logo as racist.

The decision to change the logo was met with praise on social media and in the media, signaling a shift in cultural sensitivity. However, there remains some uncertainty regarding whether the new image will be universally implemented across all Land O’Lakes products. The unveiling of the redesigned logo occurred in February during a press release.

Land O’Lakes plans to employ creative packaging strategies, incorporating images of different farmers along with the slogan “Farmer-Owned.” The company’s CEO emphasized the desire for a logo that reflects the company’s culture and values.

Highlighting inclusivity and diversity, Land O’Lakes collaborates with farmer-owners to produce premium dairy products, aiming for positive connections with consumers. Despite mostly positive reactions on social media, the company faced mixed responses, with some praising the change and others questioning why the “butter maiden” image was used initially.

In the age of instant information dissemination through social media, Land O’Lakes experienced varied reactions. The decision to change the branding image was made in 2019, with the official process set to commence in 2020, and the company anticipates completing the rebranding of all products by the end of that year.

Acknowledging the need for change, Land O’Lakes demonstrates a commitment to rectifying unintentional mistakes made over a century. While the “butter maiden” image was initially used without malice or harmful intent, the company’s proactive approach to correcting the branding misstep sets a positive example for other major corporations facing similar challenges.

Land O’Lakes’ willingness to admit fault and implement change provides valuable lessons in corporate responsibility and cultural sensitivity.

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