Italian Man And British Woman Fall In Love Using Google Translate After Meeting In A Nightclub

Chloe Smith, hailing from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, crossed paths with her boyfriend, Daniele Marisco, who originates from Naples, Italy, approximately two years ago.

Their initial encounter occurred in an Ibiza nightclub, amidst deafening music, where the language barrier between them was insurmountable. Chloe, being British, and Daniele, Italian, faced the challenge of linguistic dissimilarity.

In what they both describe as a love-at-first-sight moment, their connection transcended the language barrier. Although understanding each other was initially arduous, they discovered a solution by harnessing the power of Google Translate to communicate effectively.

Their love story has since evolved into a bilingual journey, as both Chloe and Daniele embarked on the endeavor of learning each other’s languages. They began conversing in their respective native tongues, fostering the mutual acquisition of language skills.

Currently, Chloe and Daniele cohabitate in Streatham, located in South London. Chloe thrives as a makeup artist, while Daniele’s profession centers around bartending in an Italian restaurant.


Reflecting on their unique love story, Chloe remarked, “I noticed something thrilling about Daniele – the fact that we couldn’t initially understand each other was never an impediment. I took the initiative by asking for his number simply because I found him so appealing.”

She added, “Despite never having had a foreign boyfriend before, I knew I liked him, and I believed that he would eventually learn. At some point in life, we are expected to make sacrifices for the ones we love.”

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