Entitled Passengers Refuse Space for Wheelchair User, Receive Eye-Opening Lesson!

An age-old adage asserts, “What goes around comes around,” a notion that has persisted for generations. Some refer to it as karma, while others simply believe in the concept of receiving what one deserves.

On occasion, we witness this principle in action, and it genuinely warms our hearts. Although we refrain from reveling in others’ discomfort, there are moments when people reap the consequences of their actions, and we can’t help but feel a sense of justice.

Such a scenario unfolded recently in Paris, involving a man named Francois Le Berre, who was attempting to board a bus. He was wheelchair-bound, and a minor issue arose. As Le Berre patiently waited for the bus at the stop, the passengers already on board refused to make way for him and his wheelchair.

In this critical moment, the bus driver emerged as an extraordinary figure. Instead of simply driving away and disregarding the man in need, he instructed all passengers to disembark.

Approaching Le Berre, the bus driver invited him and his helper, who happened to be Le Berre’s brother, onto the bus.


This marked a turning point in the situation. The driver informed the others who had gotten off the bus that they would need to wait for the next one. He offered a glimmer of hope, stating that the next bus would arrive in approximately five minutes. Nevertheless, this action served as a poignant reminder to those who had shown unkindness to a person requiring assistance.

Le Berre, who battles multiple sclerosis and relies on a wheelchair, had no prior connection with the bus driver. However, it is known that the bus driver does not have any disabled family members. He simply recognized the importance of demonstrating basic civility.


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