Elderly Care Home Residents Offer Unfiltered Advice for Youngsters, Encouraging a Bold Approach to Life

“Elderly Residents Offer Candid Advice to Younger Generations, from Financial Prudence to Life’s Pleasures”

During lockdown, Yelverton Residential Home in Devon engaged its residents in sharing their wisdom, resulting in honest insights like “keep your legs together” and “spend all your money.” 

Yelverton Residential Home, in Devon, wrote words of wisdom for younger generations on whiteboardsCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

The initiative, designed to benefit the “youth of today,” yielded a mix of humorous and heartfelt responses.

Margaret’s words resonated with a blend of practicality and zest for life as she advised youngsters to “spend all your money,” urging them to embrace youth and assertiveness while advocating for kindness in interpersonal interactions.

Bett’s succinct advice, though singular, struck a chord on social media platforms, demonstrating the power of simplicity in wisdom.

The care home thought the exercise could be a fun way to keep residents occupied during lockdownCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

Among the residents, Coral offered sage advice, urging thoughtful decision-making, emphasizing the importance of reconciliation, and advocating for peaceful conflict resolution.

Tom, with a wide grin, imparted a simple yet heartfelt wish for the younger generation to “have a nice Christmas,” reflecting the warmth and generosity of spirit found among the residents.

With ages spanning from 75 to 104, the residents of the home possess a wealth of life experience, offering invaluable insights to share with others.

Some of the advice told younger people to be kinder to othersCredit: SWNS:South West News Service


Resident Rosaleen was full of respect for younger generations and their ‘independence’Credit: SWNS:South West News Service

Dottie’s message exuded positivity, urging others to maintain a helpful and cheerful demeanor.

Bety emphasized the value of education and hard work, encouraging youngsters to strive for success while also emphasizing the importance of helping others whenever possible.

Tony’s advice was succinct yet powerful, urging authenticity and self-expression as keys to navigating life’s journey.

Cheeky resident Tom simply had the advice of enjoying the festive holidaysCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

Rosaleen, the home’s oldest resident at 104, offered a perspective imbued with admiration for the younger generation’s independence and fearlessness in trying new things. She expressed a sense of awe at the wisdom displayed by today’s youth, recognizing a maturity beyond her own at their age.

Manager Peter Gaffney highlighted the activity as part of a diverse program aimed at maintaining high spirits despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, underscoring the resilience and positivity fostered within the home.

Dottie advised people to aways be ‘merry and bright’Credit: SWNS:South West News Service

Peter Gaffney described the diverse activities offered at the home, ranging from celebrating World Gurning Day with a championship to indoor boules and tennis, cake making, and fairground games. The unexpected success of the recent advice-sharing activity caught them by surprise.

Utilizing their Facebook page extensively during the lockdown, especially when visitor access was restricted, allowed them to keep families informed about the happenings within the home. Initially, it served as a reassurance that spirits remained high despite the challenges posed by Covid-19.

Betty told people to try their best in their educations and to help othersCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

Realizing the depth of life experience among their residents, including the remarkable 104-year-old, the staff decided to embark on the activity. While they had observed similar initiatives elsewhere, they hadn’t anticipated the overwhelming response it garnered on Facebook. The residents’ wise and witty remarks not only entertained but also connected with audiences, spreading laughter and joy.

The simple act of asking residents to share their insights allowed the home to demonstrate that life persisted within its walls despite visitor restrictions. By sharing these moments online, they aimed to maintain connections with families and the broader community, showcasing the vibrancy and spirit of the residents even in challenging times.

Tony joined in the exercise and said people to embrace their uniquenessCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

The positive response on Facebook reflects the high spirits of both staff and residents, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. Familiarity with the residents allowed staff to anticipate some of the witty and insightful comments, such as Margs’ and Bett’s remarks, which resonated particularly well with audiences. Bett’s advice about keeping one’s legs closed struck a chord with many, evoking nostalgic memories of maternal wisdom. Additionally, it was heartening to see comments from Rosaleen, aged 104, adding depth and perspective to the conversation.

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