Donna Mills Embraced Motherhood at 54 and Discovered New Love at 60 – Now, at 82, She Remains a Timeless Blonde Icon, Radiating Beauty

Donna Mills, the accomplished American film and TV actress, exuded enduring charm on April 30, 2023. She delighted fans with a captivating Instagram post featuring herself alongside legendary actresses Linda Gray and Joan Collins. The trio, radiantly fashionable, left fans in awe, marking another occasion where Mills showcased her elegance on social media.

A prominent figure in show business since the 1960s, Mills not only impressed audiences with her acting prowess but also embraced motherhood in her 50s and found love at 60. The Instagram post captured the three Hollywood icons during a magazine shoot, with Mills expressing gratitude to Hello Magazine for featuring their story.

The trio, hailed by fans as “icons,” “soap queens,” and “legends,” sparked nostalgic reflections on the shows that catapulted them to fame. Despite the passage of years, admirers continued to marvel at their enduring beauty. Donna Mills, renowned for her portrayal of Abby Cunningham in “Knots Landing” until 1989, took an 18-year hiatus to focus on raising her daughter, Chloe Mills.

Upon returning to Hollywood, Mills, at 81, defied aging stereotypes. In a 2022 interview, she credited her timeless appearance to mindful eating, avoidance of cosmetic treatments, and an active lifestyle. Her fitness regimen included weight training and ballet, complemented by a nutritious diet featuring homegrown vegetables and fruits.

While Mills considered herself a modest cook, she highlighted her aversion to sun exposure and reluctance towards cosmetic procedures, expressing pride in her natural lines and wrinkles. Her makeup routine, as showcased in a 2014 video, reflected her comfort and joy in handling it personally.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Mills’ personal journey unfolded uniquely. Embracing motherhood at 54, she faced criticism but cherished the decision, becoming an advocate for late parenthood. The bond with her daughter, Chloe, remained strong, and Mills took pride in her 18-year hiatus as a devoted stay-at-home parent.

Since 2001, Donna Mills has cultivated a lasting relationship with Larry Gilman, a successful actor, producer, and entrepreneur renowned for his roles in “MAS*H,” “Final Destination,” and “Cool Runnings.” Despite a ten-year age difference, Gilman has been a source of valuable advice for Mills in pursuing her passions.

Their love story reached new heights in 2015 when Gilman gifted Mills her own vineyard in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood. The couple’s enduring romance and joint ventures, such as their plan to bottle their own wine, underscore the idea that love and passion only deepen with the passage of time. Embracing life in their vineyard, the duo stands as a testament to enduring love and a fulfilling journey together.

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