A Military Woman’s Quest for the Perfect Nanny Unravels as Surveillance Raises Troubling Questions

A Reddit mom, serving in the military with her husband, was left horrified and shaken after reviewing footage from her home nanny cam. The unsettling video revealed her babysitter breastfeeding her youngest son, prompting the mom to share the embarrassing incident on Reddit and detail the subsequent actions she took.

The military couple initially hired a nanny to assist with their newborn, hoping for much-needed support. However, the first babysitter proved to be problematic with scheduling and payment issues during the initial weeks and subsequent six months.

After the first babysitter quit abruptly, the couple was in a rush to find a replacement. Their neighbor’s 20-year-old daughter stepped in to volunteer, becoming the new nanny. Despite the children growing fond of her and appreciating her kind gestures, the mom eventually discovered unsettling behavior, realizing she had overlooked some red flags.”

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The babysitter frequently offered her assistance to OP, even when it wasn’t requested. Since OP had complete trust in her nanny, she once confided in her about her struggles with lactation and reliance on donor milk for her baby. Touched by the mom’s candid admission, the nanny expressed sympathy and encouraged OP to share more details. Caught up in the moment, the mom divulged additional information without careful consideration.

Following the revelation of the disturbing incident with the nanny, several parents offered suggestions on what OP should do next.

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OP had installed nanny cameras in the living room and their bedroom to keep an eye on her children. Despite having complete trust in her nanny, she never felt the need to check the cameras. However, on a particularly challenging day, she decided to take a peek to see what her little ones were up to.

To her dismay, she witnessed her nanny sitting on her bed, rocking her son, and attempting to breastfeed him.

Expressing her disgust, OP recalled, “I almost felt sick; it just seemed so inappropriate.” Confronting the nanny, the mother was met with a highly apologetic response, with the nanny explaining that she “just wanted to help” due to OP’s lactation issues. Despite the apology, OP remained unsettled and chose to delve into older footage, uncovering more disturbing details.

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After carefully reviewing recordings from the past few weeks, OP detected an unusual pattern in the nanny’s daily routine. She observed that the nanny consistently unplugged the camera in the bedroom whenever she put the baby down for naps, only to restart it upon leaving the room.

Feeling increasingly unsettled, the mother decided to confront the nanny the following day, seeking a reasonable explanation for this behavior. What ensued was a revelation of more appalling details that added to the distressing situation.

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The babysitter explained to OP that she felt “uncomfortable” with the camera pointing at her while attempting to put the baby to sleep. OP found this justification baseless, given that the camera didn’t detect motion and could follow any target.

Remaining unconvinced, the mom pressed the nanny on why she hadn’t manually adjusted the camera towards the crib if she felt uncomfortable. The nanny claimed ignorance, but OP doubted this explanation, especially since she had previously noticed the camera being angled towards the baby—an action she deemed impossible for her 5-year-old to perform.

In a quest to uncover more details, OP delved into additional recordings. To her dismay, she discovered instances where the nanny left her daughter in an enclosed pantry and her toddler unattended in the backyard. Unfortunately, the unsettling revelations didn’t end there.

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Overwhelmed by the disturbing revelations, the mom decided to provide an update after online users suggested checking for theft as well. A Redditor named InvisibleShadow2U offered advice: “Because no one has mentioned it: check your valuables, especially any that you keep in your bedroom. If she’s turning off the camera, she may well be digging through your stuff.”

Following this advice, OP conducted a thorough check of her room for any missing items. To her dismay, she discovered that a couple of her toddler’s outfits and her daughter’s small blanket had mysteriously vanished. The unsettling situation took an even more distressing turn with the added dimension of theft.

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The mom discovered that the box containing old baby clothes she had intended to donate had disappeared as well. Subsequently, the nanny’s father returned most of the items, excluding the blanket, citing that she couldn’t locate it.

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“I’ve worked as a nanny. This is beyond inappropriate. You need boundaries in place, like, yesterday,” commented user gatitamonster, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and respecting the fact that a nanny is not the child’s parent.

The revelation sparked numerous suggestions from concerned parents about what OP should do next following the horrific experience with the nanny.

The distressing ordeal weighed heavily on the mother, who was appalled by the realization that she unknowingly allowed a situation that jeopardized her children’s health and safety.

Faced with this, she felt compelled to make a difficult decision.

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