Did I Cross the Line by Choosing to Be with My Ailing Mom Over My Pregnant Wife?

When faced with a dilemma after upsetting his pregnant wife, a man turns to Reddit for opinions on whether he was wrong. The 36-year-old man and his 33-year-old wife are expecting their first child, while his 70-year-old mother is battling stage 4 cancer.

The man, who had a challenging upbringing after losing his father, feels indebted to his mother and has provided for her in her later years.

One day, after visiting his hospitalized mother, the couple discussed a hypothetical scenario: if the man received a call that his wife was in labor and his mother was on the brink of death, who would he choose to be with?

The man, expressing deep gratitude towards his mother, chose her, intending to be there for her final moments and say his goodbyes.

This revelation upset his wife, who questioned his priorities concerning their baby and herself. Despite explaining his intention to be with her as soon as possible after his mother, the wife remained upset and eventually asked him to leave the house. Seeking opinions on Reddit, the man wonders if he is the antagonist in this situation.

Readers on Reddit offer various perspectives. Some empathize with both parties, acknowledging the fear and uncertainty that can arise during childbirth. Others suggest that the man may not be providing the emotional support his pregnant wife needs and encourage him to address the underlying issues rather than focusing on the hypothetical question.

Overall, opinions vary, with some declaring no one as the “a.. h0le” (NAH) and others leaning towards the man being in the wrong (YTA) for not handling the situation more sensitively.

In conclusion, the man grapples with conflicting priorities and seeks guidance from the online community to navigate the tension between his loyalty to his ailing mother and his responsibilities as a husband and father-to-be.

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