My Mom’s Attempt at Sleep Training My Baby

A woman experienced deep distress when her mother, against her wishes, confined her newborn in a room in an attempt to sleep train the infant. Consequently, the woman has decided to avoid staying overnight at her parents’ house.

Any mother understands that babies frequently cry, irrespective of the time of day or night. It’s a natural behavior for infants who, not yet having acquired language skills, struggle to communicate their needs.

Dealing with multiple instances of a baby’s cries in the early hours of the morning can be particularly challenging, necessitating parents to awaken and attend to their child’s requirements. Each parent adopts a unique approach to caring for their child, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Nevertheless, despite the differing opinions, a grandmother insisted that sleep training was the optimal approach for her granddaughter, even against the wishes of the infant’s mother. Taking matters into her own hands, the grandmother inadvertently strained her relationship with her daughter.

The Anticipation to Meet Lila

At just three months old, Lila possessed a remarkable ability to produce deafening cries with her powerful lungs, as her nanny often remarked. Despite this, Lila’s grandparents were eager to finally meet her.

Living hours away, Lila’s maternal grandparents faced a hurdle in visiting anytime soon. The mother revealed on Reddit that her own mom had recently undergone knee replacement surgery, restricting her ability to drive long distances until the next year. Simultaneously, the father was grappling with eye issues, rendering him unable to drive altogether.

With neither grandparent able to make the journey, plans to meet Lila had to be postponed until the following year. After numerous video calls and persistent requests for a visit, the woman, her fiancé, and Lila eventually embarked on a trip to visit the grandparents.

Finally Meeting Lila

The anticipation of Lila’s grandparents to meet her surpassed all expectations. In preparation for the visit, they eagerly assembled a sturdy wooden crib in the spare room. Little did they know that Lila still slept in her parents’ room. Unfortunately, the assembled crib couldn’t fit through the door and into the guest room where her parents were staying. With no bed in the spare room, it seemed impossible for the grandmother to be with her daughter. Reflecting on the situation, she remarked:

“We came to terms with it, considering the spare and guest rooms are adjacent. Besides, Lila’s cries are so unmistakably loud that we had no doubt we’d hear her. As expected, Friday night brought three crying sessions to manage.”

Disagreement on Sleep Training

The following day, the woman’s mother suggested initiating sleep training for Lila, advocating for the “cry it out” method throughout the night. However, the woman expressed reservations, deeming her daughter still too young for such an approach, and they were uncomfortable with letting her cry it out.

That night, merely ten minutes after putting Lila to sleep, the baby began to cry. Lila’s mom rushed to her room, only to find the door locked. Panicking, she hurried to her mother’s room, inquiring about the key. However, her mother insisted on letting Lila cry it out as part of the sleep training process, a method in which the grandmother was actively involved.

Disagreement Over Sleep Training

The next day, the woman’s mother proposed starting sleep training for Lila, endorsing the “cry it out” method for the entire night. However, the woman voiced concerns, believing her daughter was still too young for such an approach, and they were uncomfortable with letting her cry it out.

That night, just ten minutes after putting Lila to bed, the baby started to cry. Lila’s mom hurried to her room, only to discover the door locked. In a state of panic, she rushed to her mother’s room, asking for the key. Despite the urgency, her mother insisted on continuing with the “cry it out” method as part of the sleep training process, in which the grandmother played an active role.

She has her own parenting method, which she plans to apply with Lila, and it does not involve locking the baby in a room to cry. The woman also pointed out that Lila was a premature infant and was closer to two months than three.

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