“Dick Van Dyke’s Timeless Appearance Will Astonish You Today

Dick Van Dyke, 98th , reflects on the importance of health and happiness as he embraces his remarkable longevity.

In a recent interview with CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith, Van Dyke shared candidly, “If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself. You know, I went through that whole period of alcoholism.”

Gratefully, his wife Arlene Silver ensures he maintains a healthy lifestyle by accompanying him to the gym three days a week for a rigorous workout routine, Van Dyke revealed.

With a career spanning over seven decades, including iconic roles like in “Mary Poppins,” Van Dyke’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Reflecting on his life’s work, the actor emphasizes the importance of finding joy in every endeavor.

“For me, my career has always depended on having fun,” Van Dyke shared. “If I’m not enjoying myself, I’m really bad. It’s such a blessing to find a way of making a living that you love, that you’d do for nothing.”

Van Dyke expressed his sympathy for those who dislike their jobs, contrasting their experiences with his own anticipation of going to work every morning.

His passion for acting remains undiminished, evident in the joy he receives from receiving letters from young fans. “And that is what I love,” he enthused. “They watch the movies over and over. I’m getting so much more mail today than I did during the heyday of my career.”

Yet, amidst the joys, there are also poignant moments that accompany a long life. Reflecting on the passing of friends like Norman Lear and Carl Reiner, Van Dyke admitted, “Everybody I knew and worked with, there’s no one left.” Despite the losses, he copes by staying engaged in various activities and keeping busy.

In a separate interview with People, Van Dyke shared his approach to making new connections even in his later years. “I’m happy to say people come to me,” he revealed. “I don’t have to go out looking.”

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