At Age 45, Kate Hudson Embarks on a Singing Career with Debut Album, Eliciting Varied Responses from Fans

Actress Kate Hudson is renowned for her captivating role as Penny Lane in “Almost Famous” and the tenacious Andie Anderson in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Born into the spotlight as the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson, and raised by actor Kurt Russell, her mother’s partner, Kate was familiar with fame from an early age. Despite the constant comparisons to her famous parents, she has successfully carved her own niche in Hollywood.

Kate’s acting career took off in 1998 with her debut in the drama “Desert Blue,” followed by a series of supporting roles that set the stage for her breakthrough. She soon emerged as a leading actress, starring in notable films like “You, Me and Dupree,” “Fool’s Gold,” and “Bride Wars.” Her flair for romantic comedies highlights her charm and comedic talent, proving her versatility as an actress.

Despite frequent references to her parents, Kate takes it in stride, often citing her mother as a source of inspiration and strength. She holds a deep respect for Russell, whom she regards as her true father figure. Together with her siblings, Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell, who are also actors, they form one of Hollywood’s most cherished families.

While predominantly known for her acting, Kate has recently explored another passion: singing. After showcasing her vocal talents on stage in early 2024, Kate’s transition to a singing career at the age of 45 has sparked mixed reactions from her fans.

While Kate has acknowledged Hawn’s illustrious career in entertainment, she expressed to E! News in September 2022 that she does not intend to replicate her mother’s remarkable success.

In early 2024, Kate continued her diligent approach by venturing into a new realm of the entertainment industry—singing. When she announced the release of her debut album titled “Glorious” on May 17, 2024, Kate shared with The Associated Press that the move to music was a natural progression for her, feeling that she would “die without music.”

Reflecting on her decision to pursue music at the age of 45, Kate explained her thought process: “What is the next half of my life going to look like in terms of my connection to the arts?” She realized, “One thing that kept coming back to me was that not making an album would be a great regret.”

The issue of age resurfaced during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, where Kate disclosed that when she first contemplated a singing career years earlier, she was told she was “too old.”

Kate shared with CBS Sunday Morning:

“In my early 30s, someone told me, ‘It’s over. You’re too old.’ That really shook me. It wasn’t just about performing; I wanted to write music. That comment stuck with me for a while, and then I thought, ‘No way, screw you. Nobody dictates my path!'”

Regarding why she delayed starting her singing career, she explained:

“I wasn’t ready before. Whether it was my personal doubts or the fear of jeopardizing my acting career, the timing never felt right… until now. I’m just going for it.”

In January 2024, Kate made her live stage debut, showcasing her impressive vocal talent, which astonished many of her long-time fans. A clip posted on her social media received numerous supportive comments.

One fan exclaimed, “Wow girl!!! Where were you hiding that voice all this time?! 😍😍😍 Can’t wait to hear more!!! 👏👏👏” Another added, “In a world of Beyoncé and Taylor, thank God Kate can sing something that really moves me with its grit and soulful sounds! LOVE! WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG?”

However, not everyone was enthusiastic. A viewer commented, “This is the third actor/actress THIS week that’s become a singer or musician or has an album coming out. I get ‘being in the business’ means it’s like a jack of all trades type deal but no. It’s a no for me. I’m a huge cinema fan. Actors and actresses should stick to what they’re good at.”

On another video of Kate singing in the studio, a critic remarked, “When you have too much money and buy yourself a singing career.”


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