Dad Horrified by Teenage Son’s Inappropriate Swimwear on Family Cruise

A father found himself in an awkward situation when his 18-year-old son, Jax, caused a stir with his choice of swimwear during their family vacation in the Caribbean. Jax opted for a daring bathing suit that his father found too revealing, prompting him to request a wardrobe change to something less transparent when wet. However, upon Jax’s return from a shopping trip, his father was surprised by the outfit he chose. To understand the father’s dismay over his son’s poolside attire, let’s delve deeper into the story.

Seeking guidance, the father took to the ‘Am I the A**hole’ subreddit to share his predicament. He recounted the events of their week-long cruise vacation, where Jax, accompanied by his mother and father, marked the end of his school year with the family getaway.

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The father paints a vivid picture of his son, Jax, as a charismatic and confident young man with a penchant for pushing boundaries. Described as an “exhibitionist” by his father, Jax’s overflowing self-assurance often leaves a lasting impression. Despite his charm and ability to usually sway situations in his favor, his father notes that there are instances where Jax’s confidence doesn’t yield the desired outcome.

As the family embarked on their cruise, Jax’s enthusiasm for the poolside scene led him to select a swimsuit that his father deemed far too revealing and attention-grabbing. Unimpressed by Jax’s choice, his father urged him to opt for something more modest. However, to the father’s dismay, Jax had packed nothing but similarly bold swimsuits for the entirety of the week-long cruise, leaving him perplexed as to Jax’s thought process behind his wardrobe selection.


Jax’s swimwear choice, a Speedo-style bathing suit from AussieBum, was causing his father considerable discomfort. The brand’s marketing highlighted the audaciousness of the swim briefs, emphasizing features like an “enhancing pouch” and “maximum sheerness when wet.” Especially in lighter hues like baby blue, these swimsuits left little to the imagination, with intricate detailing leaving nothing to chance.

Feeling increasingly embarrassed by his son’s attire, the father delicately suggested that Jax consider purchasing a more suitable swimsuit from one of the ship’s stores. It was a subtle way of playing the ‘dad card,’ hoping to steer Jax toward a more modest choice without causing undue conflict.

Despite initially resisting his father’s requests, Jax begrudgingly went shopping and returned with another Speedo-style suit, albeit still not meeting his father’s standards of appropriateness. Faced with the inability to return the swimsuit, Jax’s father insisted that he go back and purchase a more conventional swimsuit, like trunks or board shorts, which Jax reluctantly did.

After a heated exchange with his father, Jax finally acquiesced and bought a more father-approved suit. While acknowledging Jax’s confidence and his ability to charm others, particularly the opposite sex, his father believed there was a time and place for such attire.

Before seeking the Reddit community’s judgment on whether he was in the wrong for enforcing his dress code, the father explained that he provided the money for the suits and only wanted his son to dress modestly, especially since he was financing the trip.

Upon seeing a photo of Jax’s swimsuit, referred to as “budgie smugglers,” most users supported the father’s stance, suggesting that such revealing attire was inappropriate, particularly on a family vacation. However, opinions were mixed regarding the father’s demands, with some empathizing with his desire for modesty while others felt he could have been more lenient.


If I were in this dad’s shoes, I’d likely feel conflicted. On one hand, I’d want to respect my son’s autonomy and expression of self-confidence, but on the other hand, I’d also want to maintain a level of decency, especially in a family setting. Ultimately, I think it’s important for parents to establish boundaries and guidelines for appropriate behavior and attire, particularly in public or family environments.

In this situation, the father seemed to handle it reasonably by providing his son with the opportunity to choose a more suitable swimsuit while also explaining his reasoning behind it. It’s understandable that he would feel uncomfortable with his son wearing overly revealing swimwear, especially given the context of a family vacation.

While some may perceive the father’s actions as being overly strict or prudish, it’s clear that his intentions were to ensure his son’s attire was appropriate for the occasion. Ultimately, every family has its own standards and values, and it’s up to the parents to navigate these situations in a way that aligns with their beliefs while also respecting their child’s individuality.

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