“Controversy Surrounds Taylor Swift’s Exclusion from Country Music Hall of Fame Over Genre Labeling”

Taylor Swift’s day took a turn for the worse. Following the Academy of Country Music’s decision to sever ties with her, the Country Music Hall of Fame announced the removal of all her “bubble gum music” from consideration.

“She throws in a twangy tune now and then to maintain her standing in the Academy and keep those awards rolling in,” remarked Academy Sergeant at Arms Joe Barron. “It doesn’t matter if she truly deserves it. If Taylor Swift is nominated, Taylor Swift wins.”

But not anymore. With no Academy membership, there are no awards. Without their endorsement, there are no inductions. Swift loses a piece of her legacy she can never reclaim.

“She brought this on herself,” commented Vince, a museum visitor. “If she hadn’t used her influence to encourage people to exercise their constitutional right to vote, Trump would’ve won. It’s that simple. They should have a term for that kind of nonsense.”

The term Vince is seeking, patriots, is “endorsement.” Now, if Swift endorses Joe Biden but he refuses to acknowledge the southern border crisis, that endorsement is illegal under the insurrection clause—the very clause they’re attempting to use against the former president.

Don’t be deceived, patriots. When they claim Taylor Swift’s influence caused the voter registration website to crash, what they’re really saying is, “Taylor Swift persuaded a bunch of kids to click a button, and so they did.”

All this voter registration talk is detrimental to democracy, patriots. Just ask Kari Lake. God Bless America.

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