Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Daughter Stuns as Her Mini-Me in Mom’s Iconic 1999 Dress

The connection between a mother and daughter is deeply cherished, often transcending time and, sometimes, even fashion.

Carys Douglas, the 21-year-old daughter of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, marked her milestone birthday in a way that captivated fans of the celebrity family.

In a charming tribute to her mother’s renowned fashion sense, Carys wore Catherine Zeta-Jones’ pink slip dress from 1999 to her 21st birthday dinner, stunning onlookers online.

Her Instagram post, simply captioned: “The most perfect 21st I could ask for!” showcased the celebrations and honored her mother’s stylish legacy.

Fans were touched by the meaningful link between mother and daughter, with many expressing their admiration for the heartfelt gesture. Comments flooded in, with one user exclaiming, “Your mom’s dress? That’s amazing!”

Another added a warm note: “Wearing your mother’s dress, how sweet, Carys! You’re so pretty!”



Catherine Zeta-Jones also celebrated her daughter’s milestone on social media, posting cherished photos and a heartfelt message expressing her pride and love. Touched by her mother’s words, Carys responded affectionately: “I love you Mama ❤️ thank you for everything — I am so proud to be your daughter.”

Michael Douglas, Carys’ father, joined in with his own touching tribute, sharing a candid photo that captured a special moment between him and his daughter.

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