All of Aldi’s Deals, Good and Bad

If you’re a European resident or have explored Europe, chances are you’re familiar with Aldi’s. Like any typical grocery store, Aldi offers both fantastic bargains and items that might be overpriced. To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve done the research for you. Here’s a guide to help you identify what to seek out and what to steer clear of during your next visit to Aldi.

Navigating the Deals at Aldi

Image of an Aldi storefront with a green checkmark overlay
Aldi, the budget-friendly German grocery store, has garnered widespread popularity for its combination of reasonable prices and quality products. While many shoppers rely on Aldi for their diverse grocery needs, it’s crucial to distinguish between the stellar deals and those that might not be worth your while. Let’s explore the top-notch bargains and less favorable offerings at Aldi.

The Best Deals

1. Fresh produce 

The produce section at Aldi is a prime destination for discovering top-notch fruits and vegetables at unparalleled prices.

2. Meat 

Aldi’s meat deals are truly hard to surpass – you can secure premium-quality cuts at prices significantly lower than those offered by other grocery stores.

3. Dairy

Aldi’s dairy section offers a diverse range of fresh cheese, milk, yogurt, and butter at budget-friendly prices. However, it’s worth noting that while the variety is appealing, Aldi’s milk might not be the most economical choice. Explore the reasons in our “Worst Deal” section below.

4. Eggs

Aldi provides unbeatable prices on eggs compared to other grocery stores, making it the ideal destination for all your egg-related needs.

5. Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, Aldi is your go-to place, as they have various coffee blends available at affordable prices.

6. Bread

Aldi’s bakery section offers a variety of freshly baked bread, including sourdough, rye, and multi-grain at unbeatable prices.

7. Frozen Foods

These frozen items often go on sale, and you’ll find different options available, including pizzas, vegetables, meals, and desserts.

8. Cereal

Aldi sells numerous cereal brands at a lower rate than its competitors.

9. Chocolate

Aldi features premium chocolates that come at a significantly lower cost compared to those found in other grocery stores.

10. Wine

Aldi is an excellent option for wine enthusiasts who can enjoy a good bottle of wine without having to spend a lot.

11. Household essentials

Aldi offers a range of household essentials, including tissues, toilet paper, and other cleaning supplies, at prices lower than its competitors.

12. Almond Butter

Aldi offers its private label brand of almond butter at an excellent price, and it is known for being incredibly tasty.

13. Chips

Aldi has low-cost chips that are perfect for a movie night snack.

14. Chocolate Chips

Aldi offers high-quality chocolate chips at affordable prices.

15. Baby wipes

Aldi provides excellent deals on bulk quantities of baby wipes for your little one.

16. Canned beans

Aldi offers a can of beans that is often comparable in price to their dry bean counterparts.

17. Toilet paper

Aldi offers a sustainable option for toilet paper at a great price.

18. Snack bars

Aldi stocks a range of budget-friendly snack bars, including granola bars and protein bars.

19. Snack mix

Aldi has a fantastic snack mix that’s a great item for on-the-go.

20. Salad kits

Aldi’s salad kits are fresh and inexpensive, and make it easier for people to save some effort while being healthy.

The Worst Deals


Assorted spices and herbs adorn a kitchen table. However, it’s worth noting that Aldi’s spice prices can sometimes exceed those offered by other grocery stores or wholesale outlets.

2.Baking Ingredients

A flat lay of baking ingredients and kitchen tools against a white backdrop. Aldi’s baking ingredients may present a cost advantage, depending on the prevailing prices at regular supermarkets.

3.Organic Produce

Fresh organic vegetables showcased in a supermarket display. While Aldi offers competitive deals on produce, their organic selection tends to be pricier than comparable items at other grocery chains.


Glass bottles of barbecue sauces against a white background. Aldi’s condiment prices can vary and occasionally surpass those of competing brands.

5.Specialty Items

A diverse array of specialty groceries on display in a local store. For high-end and specialty items, exploring alternatives to Aldi may be more advisable.


Close-up of various supplements in a white bottle. Aldi’s supplement prices might rival those of discount retailers, but they could still exceed the cost of purchasing directly from a brand or specialty store.

7. Candles

Handmade scented candles with wooden lids. Aldi’s candle prices may not necessarily be budget-friendly when compared to offerings on platforms like Amazon.

8. Beverages

Smoothies featured in the image. While Aldi offers a broad beverage selection, other large retailers like Walmart or Target might provide more cost-effective choices.

9. Gluten-Free Bread

A sales assistant in a bakery labels freshly baked gluten-free bread. Aldi’s gluten-free bread prices may be higher than those of alternative gluten-free options.

10. Snack-Size Fruit

Packaged mix of fruits in a supermarket plastic pack. While Aldi boasts a diverse fruit selection, opting for loose fruits may be more economical than purchasing the pre-packaged snack-size options.

11. Chocolate-Covered Nuts

Image of chocolate-covered nuts and raisins. Aldi’s chocolate-covered nuts are appealing, but they may not offer the same value as bulk purchases from larger stores.

12. Pre-Made Meals

Ready-made meal displayed. Aldi’s pre-made meals might come at a higher cost compared to fresh ingredients from other grocery stores.

13. Oats

Rolled oats in a bowl on a wooden table. Aldi’s oat prices might be steeper compared to local grocery stores or wholesale outlets.

14. Laundry Detergent

Woman pouring liquid washing gel into a cap against a washing machine background. Aldi’s laundry detergent prices might be slightly higher, with other large retailers potentially providing more affordable alternatives of similar quality.

15. Pet Food

Golden Retriever and British Shorthair eating together. Aldi’s pet food prices may not be the most economical, especially when compared to specialized pet stores.

16. Nuts

Assorted peeled nuts in bulk. While Aldi offers a variety of nuts, their bulk prices might exceed those of other wholesale stores.

17. Tissues

Delicate hands pulling a tissue from a gray tissue box. While Aldi’s tissues can be budget-friendly, they may not always be the most economical option compared to regular grocery stores.

18. Freezer Bags

Frozen vegetables in bags inside a refrigerator. Aldi’s freezer bags might be pricier than purchasing in bulk from other retailers.

19. Energy Drinks

Image of an energy drink. Aldi’s energy drink prices might surpass those available at other grocery chain stores.

20. Milk

Asian woman shopping for milk in a supermarket. Aldi’s milk prices may not consistently be the most competitive; checking prices in your area is advisable.

According to blogger Frugal Minded Mom, Aldi’s milk prices can vary between states, with some locations selling it for as much as $3.49, while others offer it for $2.44.

Always compare prices before making a purchase, as deals can differ based on location.

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