After a Startling Revelation, Woman Urges Customers to Wash New Clothes Thoroughly

A woman shopping for clothes at a store has raised an important safety concern, prompting her to advise shoppers to wash their newly purchased garments before wearing them.

Her reasoning is two-fold. Firstly, it’s impossible to determine how many germs might be present on the clothing, as numerous people have handled it before it reaches the customer. Moreover, many potential buyers may have tried on the same items, which further increases the risk of germ transmission. However, while casually browsing the clothing racks, one woman made a rather unsettling discovery.

TikTok user Ellen Danz let out a natural scream upon stumbling upon clothes covered in cobwebs. She found it perplexing that retailers would allow cobwebs to accumulate on their merchandise, but her initial astonishment quickly turned to alarm. In addition to the cobwebs, the clothing was infested with spider eggs. To make matters worse, she noticed a sizable spider at the end of the line.


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It’s understandable that she reacted with a scream, as most people don’t anticipate encountering spiders while shopping for clothes.

The video left viewers feeling disturbed and emphasized the importance of washing new clothes promptly. One TikTok user humorously remarked, “I’d sue for mental anguish,” while another exclaimed, “My heart skipped a beat.” A third user underscored the necessity of washing newly purchased clothes, and several people were astounded to see Ellen touching the garments with her bare hands. One viewer asked, “Why are you touching the spiderwebs?” while another quipped, “I’m screaming about the eggs.” Someone else commented, “You’re brave for touching it.”


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♬ original sound – Ellen Danz

In a subsequent video, the TikTok user who initially discussed washing new clothing assured her followers that no one else would encounter this issue because the store had been closed a week after Ellen’s discovery. She advised, “Don’t waste your time shopping here.” This revelation prompted viewers to contemplate how they might have reacted if they had encountered such a spine-chilling find. Some expressed genuine concern and questioned why pest control hadn’t been called to address the spider infestation among the garments.

One TikTok user couldn’t understand why no action had been taken, while another asked, “Why didn’t you kill it?” Therefore, the lesson from Ellen Danz’s experience is clear: it’s wise to wash new clothing before wearing it to avoid any unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

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