A Mother’s Regret: My Lie to My Husband is Hurting Our Daughter

I got promoted four years ago and have been earning twice as much since then. I didn’t tell my husband because I wanted to save the money for my own daughter’s college fund.

Now, Sarah is 16, and we haven’t saved any money for her education. Her biological father is not involved, so it’s entirely my responsibility to support her.

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However, my husband recently discovered that I had been earning more and demanded that I pay him back for all the years of rent he had been covering alone. When I refused, he was furious.

Yesterday, I heard my daughter scream from her room and rushed in to find her closet half empty.

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Most of her clothes, beauty products, and belongings that were purchased with her stepdad’s money were gone. My husband had left her a note saying, “Ask your mom to buy you things; she can afford it now!”

I am heartbroken and surprised. What should I do?

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