10 Fat-Burning Stretches You Can Do at Home

It’s never too late to start working on yourself. Below are 10 fat-burning stretches that can help you start shredding fat off your body in all areas, not just in your stomach. We all have that unwanted fat somewhere and these exercises will help get rid of that.

Fit Body Media is sharing multiple, simple stretches that can help keep you active all throughout the day.

1 – The bend forwards


For this stretch, you must be standing, feet apart and knees slightly bent. Lean your bust forward so that it is suspended then keep your knees straight. Place your hands behind your feet. Take 4 full breaths by contracting your abs. Then straighten up. This stretch must be repeated for 3 times.

2 – The liar twist


For this exercise, you will have to lie on your back. Then, extend your arms to the sides. Lift your left leg by folding it and bring it to the other side while turning the head to the opposite side. Repeat the same movement but on the other side.

3 – The laying of the boat


This stretch is simple to perform. First of all, you have to sit with your legs outstretched. Then you have to lift your legs and reach them with your arms extended. Be sure to keep your balance and make a V shape. Hold this position for 5 breaths.

4 – The laying of the chair


Standing with your thighs glued and your feet slightly apart, take a deep breath while raising your arms above your head. The top of your body should be leaning towards your thighs. Stay in this position for 5 breaths. You can then lean to the right or to the left for this stretch.

5 – Standing lateral stretching


Stand up, hold your hands, stretching them up. Keep this position. Inhale and exhale while stretching your upper body to the right. Take 5 deep breaths before repeating the stretch to the left.

6 – The cat and the cow


These stretches are yoga postures. At first, you must have your hands and knees on the ground. Solicit your abs while breathing while arching your back like a cat. Then return to the original position by folding the upper part of the spine. Repeat the stretch 4 times, making sure you are aware of your breathing.

7 – The abdominal torsion


While sitting on the floor or on a rug, stretch your legs. Bend your left leg and bring it back to you until your heel touches your buttocks. The legs should be spread and slightly bent. Now, move to the right and place your left elbow outside your knee. Place your right hand on the ground so you can look over your right shoulder. While breathing deeply, hold this position 5 seconds. Release and repeat the operation to the other side.

8 – The bridge 


Lying on your back, bend your knees while keeping them on the ground. While breathing, push your lower back upward to form a bridge. Keep this position for a minute. This stretch helps strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

9 – The cobra


Strengthen your abdominal muscles with this stretch. Lying on your stomach, bring your bust up as the cobra. Your palms must touch the ground while your legs are stretched backwards. As you lift your bust, breathe deeply. Hold this position for 30 seconds before returning to the home position. Repeat this stretch 5 times.

10 – The position of the dog


Do you know of any other exercise that helps burn fat? Tell us in the comments!

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