6 Exercises to Improve Digestion and Ease Bloating

The work of the human intestine is often accompanied by bloating and this is natural. The reasons for this may be different, for example, consumption of certain foods, stress and other negative factors. If you have a bloated belly problem from time to time, or you have some problems with digestion, you must solve all this as soon as possible!

To solve the problem of bloating can help special exercises aimed at facilitating the movement of food through the intestines. That is why, we have prepared a list of 6 effective and simple exercises that will help you improve digestion and ease bloating. All these exercises are easy to do and can be done anywhere with a little room.

Also we would like to remind you that if you have similar problems with digestion, you should reconsider your diet and habits. Stick to a healthy diet that does not include complex carbohydrates, reduce the intake of sugar and dairy products (if you have lactose intolerance). Try to eat as often as possible and in small portions. Give up bad habits, such as smoking. Take Care!

1. Knees-To-Chest

2. Spinal Twist

3. High Lunge Variation

4. Bridge Pose

5. Legs Up The Wall

6. Hip Thrust

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