Young Philosophers Unleashed: 15 Kids Exploring Deep Thoughts and Big Ideas

You needn’t be a parent to appreciate how children often express themselves remarkably well, sharing insights that may seem wiser than those of even the most knowledgeable adults.

Many of us may recall a well-known Scripture highlighting the wisdom that emerges from the mouths of babes. This rings true, and by paying attention to their words, you can gain valuable life lessons.

This is eloquently demonstrated in the social media posts that follow, delving into the philosophical musings of children. Exploring their expressions can truly reveal the surprising intelligence and perceptiveness of these young minds.

1. My wife flipped over one of my son’s kindergarten worksheets and noticed he wrote “I love mom” on the back of it. He said “I write that whenever I feel sad.” Moms are magic.

2. In the best yet things-my-nephews-have-done, the 7-year-old ordered a burger today and was asked if he wanted it medium. “Could you please make it very large?” he asked. Told that the choice was between medium or well done, and he asked if the chef could do the best he could. Yes.

3.  2 weeks ago, I told kids at school to write an essay titled ‘If I Were a Millionaire.’ Everyone was writing, except a girl who leaned back with arms folded. “What’s the matter,” I asked. “Why aren’t you writing?” “I’m waiting for my secretary,” she replied. Scored her 10/10.

4.  I was knitting on the subway and a 4-year-old girl sitting next to me asked about my knitting and I told her I always knit on the subway and she said, “So you sleep here???” Then she licked the subway window and said, “Everyone is afraid of something.”

5.  I told my nephew a watermelon was gonna grow in his stomach because he ate some of the seeds and I kid you not, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Nope because there’s no sunlight so you’re wrong and college has failed you.” He’s 7.

6. My daughter looked me straight in the eye and said, “Daddy, no matter what, we gotta keep going and hope to see another day.” I just wanna know what in the world they got going on in her pre-k that’s so stressful that she came across that saying.

7. Every Father’s Day I think about the time I jokingly asked my 4-year-old daughter if she was going to get me a “World’s Best Dad” mug. “Nope,” she said gravely. “I haven’t met all the dads in the world.”

8. My 5-year-old lost her new bracelet and my 7-year-old says, “That’s okay. Someone else will find it and you’ll make their whole day.” Seriously, you guys, that’s the attitude we all need.

9. Last night I watched Sleeping Beauty with my 8-year-old son. 8yo: Omg. He just kissed her! Me: Yeah, to wake her up. 8yo: You can’t just kiss people, you have to ask first.

10. Me: Have a good day at school. Child: Not possible. Me: What? Why not? Child: Hey Dad, have a good day at work. Me: Oh okay, I see what you’re saying.

11. My niece has been moaning that she’s never had a Valentine’s Day card so my brother sent one signed “?” And she has been crying for hours saying she’s got a stalker.

12. Heard my 6yo slowly and painstakingly reading a National Geographic book about otters to his stuffed otter because “I wanted him to know about his family.”

13. Me: Have a good day at school. Child: Not possible. Me: What? Why not? Child: Hey Dad, have a good day at work. Me: Oh okay, I see what you’re saying.

14. Us to our 4 year old: You know mommy and mama are gay, right? 4 y.o.: Yes, I know. Us: Okay, what does “gay” mean? 4 y.o.: Very, very old.

15. Me: Can you get ready for bed now, please? 5 y.o.: Not yet. Me: Why? 5 y.o.: I’m busy being a hot dog. Me: I…I’ll go get the ketchup.

BONUS . It might be time to go on a diet. I asked my 6-year-old if I had anything on my chin. She said, “Which one?”

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