Woman Faces Criticism for Adopting Her Husband’s Ex-Wife’s Baby

Christie and Wesley Werts embarked on their journey of love five years ago, merging their lives into a blended family when they exchanged vows. The union of Christie’s daughter, Megan, with Wesley’s children, Austin and Dakota, forged a beautiful familial bond.

Unexpectedly, their love story took a remarkable turn, leading them to embrace a new chapter by welcoming a precious addition, Levi, into their lives through adoption.

Levi’s path to adoption stands as a testament to the Werts’ unwavering resilience and steadfast determination. After a 16-month wait, the family eagerly anticipates the completion of the adoption process, eagerly counting down the days until they can finally bring their beloved little boy home.

Levi’s adoption journey carries a poignant twist that feels like the fulfillment of a heartfelt wish for Christie and her family. Born in Texas in August 2021, Levi’s biological mother, who happened to be Wesley’s former partner, grappled with challenges stemming from drug use during pregnancy. Tragically, she passed away just four days after Levi’s premature birth, at 33 weeks, a victim of addiction and complications linked to the pandemic, as reported by Newsweek.

The couple’s awareness of Levi’s existence came about when Wesley received the heartbreaking news about his ex-wife from her sister. Drawing from her own experiences of foster homes, Christie was resolute in her determination to offer Levi a stable and nurturing environment.

Even more remarkable is Christie’s revelation that she had been dreaming of a blonde, blue-eyed baby for three months before even hearing about Levi. This dream played a significant role in her decision to adopt Levi once she discovered his existence.

The Werts family embarked on a journey from Ohio to Texas to meet Levi through Child Protective Services, and their initial encounter mirrored Christie’s dream exactly. “When I walked in and saw this blonde baby with blue eyes, I immediately fell in love. It was a very surreal feeling. He was my son,” she recalled.

Though the adoption journey is typically arduous, particularly for infants, the Werts family encountered additional hurdles. Selling their house in Ohio and uprooting to Texas for court proceedings, they navigated a legal process that included the termination of Levi’s biological father’s parental rights.

Enduring 16 months of home visits, interviews, and court appearances, the Werts family persevered until Levi’s adoption was ultimately finalized. Finally, after a long and challenging journey, the couple joyfully brought their beloved baby boy home.

Despite the heartwarming nature of their journey, Christie encountered criticism from certain internet users who questioned her choice to share their story online.

“I mean, poor baby, he’s going to see this when he grows up and it’s going to cause him a lot of depression and more,” remarked one individual.

“Some things shouldn’t be shared on social media, and this is one of them,” expressed another user.

There was also a wave of happiness from others who expressed their well-wishes for the couple, hoping for a joyful life for the new family.

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