Wisconsin Dairy Queen Sparks Controversy with ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign, Owner Defends Bold Stand

A notice prominently displayed on the front window of a Dairy Queen in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, has garnered widespread attention online. The sign boldly asserts the restaurant’s embrace of political incorrectness, emphasizing its use of traditional holiday greetings like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America.” Notably, the sign proudly announces that veterans receive complimentary sundaes and expresses gratitude to those who served on Veterans Day, accompanied by the display of the US flag.

The owner of the franchise, Kevin Scheunemann, explained that the sign was erected nearly four years ago to transparently convey his and the staff’s commitment to serving both God and the nation. Scheunemann clarified that the sign was a response to a customer’s complaint about Christian music in the restaurant and has not sparked any further issues since its installation.

Recently, the sign gained attention when an Oregonian tourist shared a picture on Facebook, expressing concerns about its perceived exclusivity. The post generated considerable interest before it was eventually removed. While some individuals express support for the sign’s message, others have targeted the person who shared the image, expressing differing opinions.

In contrast, local business owners in Kewaskum endorse Scheunemann’s decision to display the sign, asserting that customers are free to leave if they disagree with the establishment’s principles. Despite being a small town, Kewaskum residents appear accepting of the sign, viewing it as an expression of the owner’s beliefs. Dairy Queen, however, officially distanced itself from Scheunemann’s approach, stating that the sign reflects the views of the individual owner and does not represent the company’s endorsement. The company emphasized its expectation for all franchisees and staff to treat every customer with dignity and respect, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

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