What Could This Be? Found Two Mysterious Piles in My Daughter’s Room

Among various social media platforms, Facebook was the pioneer in creating incredibly friendly community groups. Some of these groups focus on common but valuable topics, such as cleaning and housekeeping. These groups offer more than just advice and support.

At times, members share posts that leave the community scrambling for answers and concerned about the original poster’s wellbeing. For instance, Kelli Tarin recently shared a puzzling photo of a mysterious pile in the “Homemaking Tips” group.

 The Enigmatic Piles in My Daughter’s Room

The original post, published on August 10th, described a peculiar situation. Kelli Tarin shared a photo in which a fine, dirt-like substance was piled on the floor. Tarin explained that she discovered two mysterious mounds in her daughter’s room, which she cleaned daily, and sought help identifying them. Given their location, she was understandably concerned. She mentioned that these incidents began shortly after moving into a rented house. The mounds resembled anthills or coffee grounds but felt like shells.

 The Mystery Deepens

After asking for help from an online community, the post gained significant attention, receiving over 440,000 reactions and 9,000 comments. Despite this, no one could definitively identify the mysterious mounds. Suggestions ranged from ant colonies and mouse droppings to termite excrement. After considering these, Tarin decided to consult professionals.

However, the pest control agencies she contacted were equally baffled. Both stated they had never encountered anything like the mounds before.

In subsequent posts, Tarin mentioned taking precautions by having her daughter sleep with her father while they investigated. She ruled out termites, as their droppings aren’t crunchy or seed-like. Despite thoroughly spraying the house, she never saw live roaches, only a few dead ones. Given her farm background, she was confident the droppings weren’t from mice. The last suggestion was bats, but she doubted this as she lived in West Texas.

The Enigma Is Eventually Answered

Tarin emphasized that the mounds appeared only in her daughter’s room and could form within two days, despite her cleaning the house daily. She reported contacting the landlords for an inspection in her final update before the mystery was resolved. Tarin expressed gratitude to the group for their support, which helped her stay positive during the stressful ordeal.

The Enigma Is Finally Solved

Ultimately, the solution turned out to be surprisingly simple. One comment suggested that the mystery piles might be related to a ruptured lavender bear belonging to one of Tarin’s children. This prompted Tarin to remember a purple plush bear among the toys near the piles. She had discarded the bear, thinking it was contaminated.

Retrieving the bear, she discovered a hole in it. When she opened it, she was surprised to find that it contained the same material as the enigmatic piles! In the end, the mystery was solved, and everything worked out well for Tarin and her family.

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