Was I Right to Leave? Dumped My Date After She Was 45 Minutes Late

Navigating the complexities of dating can be like threading a needle in a dark room. Every decision holds weight, making it challenging to choose the best course of action. In today’s story, punctuality became the tipping point on a first date.

He shared his experience:
I had a first date planned with a woman I met through a dating website. We agreed to meet for coffee at 2 p.m. I arrived on time. At 2:10 p.m., she texted me to check if I was at the cafe. I replied yes, and she informed me she was still at home but would leave shortly and arrive in about 20 minutes.

Basically, her text meant she was waiting to make sure I was present before leaving the house. I was put off. I took the risk of showing up on time, not knowing if she would. Shouldn’t she have done the same? Am I wrong?

I drank my coffee and left at 2:30. She still hadn’t arrived. At 2:45, I received a text from her asking where I was. I replied, “I finished my coffee and left at 2:30 when you still weren’t there as promised.”

She responded with a series of scathing texts, telling me how terrible I was and how I had done everything wrong. She said I should have texted her to let her know I was leaving, among other complaints.

Do women really expect men to sit and wait 45 minutes for them to arrive late — especially when the only reason for their lateness seems to be to make you wait? It felt like a game or a test. Either way, she failed mine. I’d love to hear from women on this one.


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