Unbeknownst to Him: A Boy’s Act of Kindness Towards a Homeless Man Goes Unnoticed

In a heartwarming tale that resonated with thousands, Michelle Resendez, a proud mother, took to Facebook to share a story about her son that quickly went viral. It was a story that showcased the profound impact of choosing compassion over indifference.

One day, while working at Burger King, Matthew Resendez found himself in a situation that demanded a tough decision. A homeless man approached his counter and, with only 50 cents to his name, asked, “What can I get for 50 cents?” Matthew, though initially reluctant, allowed his compassion to guide him.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he rang up the homeless man for the most substantial meal on the menu. But Matthew’s act of kindness didn’t stop there. He reached into his own wallet and used his personal debit card to cover the cost of the meal. His selflessness was truly inspiring.

The beauty of this story goes beyond Matthew’s initial act of kindness. Inside the restaurant, a woman witnessed the young man’s good intentions and was deeply moved by his actions. She decided to pay it forward and handed the boy a $100 bill, a touching gesture to acknowledge his compassion.

Later that day, Matthew shared this remarkable experience with his mother, Michelle Resendez, who couldn’t have been prouder. Bursting with pride, Michelle took to Facebook to spread the word and inspire others with her son’s compassionate actions. The post resonated with thousands, reminding the world that small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity.

See her post below:

Michelle Resendez

Proud mom moment! Matthew worked this evening and a homeless gentlemen walked in the restaurant with .50 cents and asked if there was anything on the menu he could buy. Matthew asked him what he would order if he could and the man said anything would help his hunger pains. So Matthew rung him up for a hearty meal and then used his own debit card to pay for the mans meal. He handed him the receipt and told him to relax and take a seat. The story could end there and It would be a happy ending, but apparently a women watched my son during his random act of kindness. Not only did she write the company to let them know about the caring employee they had working for them, she also rewarded my son with a very generous tip! So proud to be his mom and I can pat myself on the back knowing that I’ve played a part in raising this big hearted young man.

Michelle’s post has reached more than 40,000 people who have all agreed that we need more people like Matthew in this world.


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