Six-Year Journey to Parenthood Ends in Abandonment: Man Flees After Woman Finally Conceives

After six years of attempting to conceive, a 26-year-old woman joyfully discovered she was pregnant. She eagerly shared the news with her 30-year-old boyfriend on his birthday, only to be left stunned by his unforeseen response.

The woman explained that she and her boyfriend had been together for a decade and were both eager to start a family.

Her Reddit post garnered widespread attention from internet users who rallied in support against her boyfriend. They voiced their concerns in the comments, prompting the woman to provide updates a month later, detailing the aftermath of her confrontation with him.

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The Original Poster (OP) had been feeling unwell for a couple of days but was too occupied with work in her office to find the time to visit her doctor. Finally, on the morning of her boyfriend’s birthday, she managed to schedule an appointment.

Despite her boyfriend’s birthday party looming in her thoughts, she arrived punctually at the doctor’s clinic. After the doctor assessed her vitals and asked a few questions, she received the life-changing news: she was pregnant.

Having pursued the dream of parenthood for the past six years, she was overwhelmed with joy upon hearing the news. She saw it as the perfect gift for her boyfriend and decided to keep it a secret until they were home.

Upon returning home from the doctor’s appointment, she found that some guests had already arrived for the birthday celebration. Scanning the room, she spotted her boyfriend engaged in conversation with a friend in the corner.

Determined to share her momentous news, she hurriedly approached him and requested a private conversation. However, he appeared to ignore her, prompting her to gently tug at his sleeve, signaling the importance of her message.

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OP’s boyfriend requested her to wait for five minutes until he finished speaking with his friend. However, unable to contain her excitement about the pregnancy, OP couldn’t wait and announced it in front of everyone.

Recalling the aftermath, she stated, “He became extremely angry and started yelling at me, accusing me of trying to ruin his day. He insisted that the day was meant to be about him, not me.”

OP found his reaction perplexing. She had anticipated his excitement but instead found him preoccupied with other thoughts. He promptly asked the guests to leave and informed others not to attend the party.

Feeling bewildered by his response, OP turned to Reddit to share her ordeal after her boyfriend stormed out and didn’t return. When she discussed the incident with her mother, she was advised that she could have waited until after his birthday to share the news. However, a Redditor cautioned, “[H]is reaction was completely wrong. Run. This is a huge red flag.”

A month later, OP provided an update on Reddit, revealing that her boyfriend returned home ten days after the incident.

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When OP confronted her boyfriend and initiated a discussion about their relationship, she was shocked to learn that he had been contemplating ending it for some time. He admitted to being interested in another woman and expressed his desire to break up.

OP was taken aback by his confession, but what stunned her even more was his proposition to pay any amount if she agreed to terminate their child. Recalling the moment, she stated, “I refused. I made it clear that I was not willing to part with my baby, regardless of whether he wanted to be involved.”

Upon hearing her response, her boyfriend gave her a two-week ultimatum to pack her belongings and find a new place to live. Fortunately, a co-worker in another state offered to be her roommate, providing her with a place to stay.

Following the update, numerous Redditors flooded the comments section with inquiries. One asked OP whether her boyfriend would provide child support, to which she responded, “He claims he’ll relinquish his parental rights when the baby is born and is oblivious to the fact that he’ll still be obligated to pay child support once I gather all the necessary paperwork and file.”

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In addition, OP disclosed that her boyfriend held the belief that marriage wasn’t necessary to prove love, which hindered their plans for marriage. She also revealed that he prevented her from attending college because it was a few hours away from their residence.

The ordeal prompted OP to realize the importance of standing up for herself rather than being a pushover for others. However, her newfound assertiveness wasn’t well-received by those around her. She expressed, “Some people in my life have remarked that I’ve changed from the ‘sweet innocent’ person they once knew before this whole ordeal unfolded.”

The majority of Redditors empathized with OP and placed the blame on her boyfriend. They believed he shouldn’t have misled her into thinking he wanted to have a child with her.

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