She found herself homeless and had to scavenge through rubbish to make ends meet.

She found herself living on the streets and scavenging through garbage to survive. The woman in the photograph was once the wife of a prominent star, but after their divorce, her life crumbled. It’s astonishing to see how drastically her appearance has changed in just a few years.

Loni Willison, once celebrated as a bombshell featured in numerous magazines, is now a homeless individual frequently observed searching through dumpsters in California. According to the former fitness model, her life unraveled after divorcing Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson.



In a May 2023 interview with X17 Online, Loni attributed her downward spiral to her ex-husband, accusing him of attempting to strangle her. When asked about the cause of her homelessness, she pointed directly at her past marriage, stating, “My ex-husband. Getting married. At least I got divorced. He set everything up to do this to me.”

Loni and Jeremy had tied the knot in 2012, but their union came to an end just two years later. Following the divorce, Loni experienced a mental breakdown, grappling with anxiety and depression.

The combination of her breakdown and struggles with alcohol and crystal meth addictions resulted in the loss of her job and home, ultimately leading her to a life of homelessness.



Reports indicate that despite multiple offers of assistance, Loni has consistently declined, emphasizing her desire for independence. She was quoted stating, “I don’t need help. I have everything I need.”

In a conversation with X17 Online, Loni revealed that she is in significant pain, making it impossible for her to live indoors. She claimed that she feels as if she is “electrocuted” every day, an experience that lasted for nearly a year. As a result, she now avoids being near appliances or exposed to electricity.

Loni explained, “I think because I [pick up] on electricity, I also pick up on other things, like certain chemicals or batteries, or fuses, like wire, different types of metals. So I think my body even filters that kind of stuff. I’m not sure exactly; I’d have to go through a big X-ray, sonogram machine or something to see that. It’s pretty intense.”


The former spouse of the Baywatch star seems to have lost some of her upper front teeth. Meanwhile, her ex, who maintains an active presence on social media, has faced his share of challenges since his Baywatch days. In 2017, he received a 270-day prison sentence and was placed on a five-year probation after reaching a plea deal for an alleged stabbing incident involving a woman in LA back in 2015. Additionally, he has grappled with issues related to addiction.

Loni’s current reality is marked by challenging days as she navigates the struggle to make ends meet. She endeavors to sustain herself, relying on the meager possessions she keeps in a shopping cart that accompanies her wherever she goes.

The former stunning blonde model now appears unrecognizable, clad in worn and soiled clothing.

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