Robin Williams: The Heartbreaking Reality of His Last Days, as Shared by His Widow

Nine years after the heartrending passing of the exuberant comedian Robin Williams, his spirit and legacy continue to resonate deeply within us.

The widespread assumption that Williams’s decision to end his life was driven by depression and substance abuse left the world in profound sorrow.

Yet, there was another critical element contributing to the tragic end of Robin Williams. This is the reason Susan Schneider Williams, Robin’s widow, felt compelled to reveal the true cause behind her husband’s death.

The loss of the iconic comedian Robin Williams in 2014 deeply affected the worldwide comedy scene. Known for his sharp wit, devotion to family, and kindness, Robin was cherished globally for his unforgettable roles in movies like Good Morning, Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Aladdin, earning him the admiration of fans worldwide.

Robin Williams and Susan Schneider
Following his second divorce, Robin found true love again with Susan Schneider, three years on. Their initial meeting occurred serendipitously at an Apple store nearby in late 2007.

“I walked in and there he was. My first thought was: ‘Isn’t that Robin Williams?’ As I was leaving, our eyes met again, and he offered me a warm smile. Something within urged me, ‘Just go say hello,'” Susan recalled.

Their relationship blossomed, leading to their marriage in 2011. The ceremony was held at Meadowood, an exquisite five-star resort nestled in the heart of California’s Napa Valley.

The quaint ceremony was attended by around 120 guests, primarily consisting of close friends, neighbors, and family members.

Robin and Susan envisioned their ideal wedding to be a personal affair, deliberately excluding celebrities to avoid the pomp and spectacle typical of Hollywood nuptials.

Moreover, they penned their own vows, adding a deeply personal touch to the proceedings. Despite the absence of his mother and brother, who had passed away, Robin ensured their memory was honored during the ceremony. At his request, the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi was recited by the pastor, reflecting the actor’s thoughtful touch.

“The wedding day was incredibly beautiful – a true reflection of their love, serene and intimate. Robin and Susan were deeply involved in every aspect of the ceremony’s preparation,” shared the minister who officiated their marriage with the Daily Mail in 2014.

Robin and Susan made their home in the upscale Sea Cliff area of San Francisco Bay. Their modern Mediterranean residence spanned 7,170 square feet and offered stunning views of the ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin Headlands.

Outwardly, Susan and Robin seemed blissfully happy, enjoying everything life had to offer. However, Robin faced significant personal challenges, struggling with his inner turmoil.

His health issues began to affect his career adversely. During the filming of “Night at the Museum 3” in 2014, Robin’s last movie role, he found it impossible to memorize even a single line. This was a stark contrast to his previous ability to remember hundreds of lines and deliver outstanding performances.

“Robin was losing his mind and was painfully aware of it,” Schneider Williams disclosed in 2016.

“Imagine the agony of feeling yourself disintegrate and not even knowing why, unable to halt it with any amount of intellect or affection.”

Despite his struggles, Susan remained a constant source of support for Robin, with the couple maintaining honesty and a deep connection through shared experiences and mutual love.

Yet, Susan was not fully aware of the extent of Robin’s suffering, lacking crucial information about his condition. They did enjoy moments of closeness during Robin’s last months, amidst the challenges.

Robin received a misdiagnosis of Parkinson’s disease shortly before his death, adding to his distress and fuelling speculation about his condition.

“Doctors had predicted he had only three years left to live.”

“His symptoms didn’t align perfectly with other Parkinson’s patients, which I believe was particularly tough for him,” Robin Williams’ son Zak reflected on Max Lugavere’s “The Genius Life” podcast.

“He struggled with focus and discomfort, feeling unwell both physically and neurologically.”

After Robin’s passing, the full extent of his struggles was revealed. The coroner’s report, released three months later, confirmed he had been battling Lewy body dementia.

In her first interview following Robin’s death, his widow clarified the cause of his passing.

“Lewy body dementia was what took Robin from us. It was the primary battle he fought, not just depression. Anxiety was a significant factor, overshadowing everything else,” she stated.

Doctors later commented on the severity of Robin’s condition, describing it as one of the most extreme cases of Lewy body dementia they had encountered.

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