Restaurant Dinner Snub: Woman Excluded Due to Mother-in-Law’s Assumption About Her Culinary Knowledge

During a family vacation, a woman found herself in an uncomfortable situation caused by her in-laws, leading her to go against her husband’s wishes. This left her questioning her decision. A Reddit user later sought advice on whether she was wrong to cancel a family vacation due to her enduring disdain from her husband’s family, who viewed her as a lower-class person.

The woman explained that her mother-in-law consistently treated her differently, believing her to be lacking in manners compared to the rest of the family. Despite the strained relationship, she and her husband embarked on a family trip with his relatives. However, upon reaching their vacation destination, an incident triggered immense irritation for the woman.

What happened during the vacation? On the day the family arrived at their vacation spot, the man’s family arranged a dinner at an upscale restaurant outside the hotel, but they failed to inform the woman about their plans for that evening. She only learned of their dinner plans when she saw her husband dressing up. When she inquired about it, her husband revealed that he and his family were going out to dine, and she was not invited. He explained that his mother assumed she wouldn’t be comfortable with the food or know how to eat it.

The man’s mother suggested that his wife would prefer staying at the hotel and dining at the hotel’s restaurant. Although taken aback by the situation, the woman remained calm.

How did the woman react? She didn’t argue with her husband but instead, packed her bags and caught the first flight home. When her husband returned to their hotel room and discovered her absence, he panicked and called her incessantly to understand why she left the family vacation, which he had to persuade his mother to allow her to join. He accused her of acting ungratefully and embarrassing him in front of his family.

An argument ensued between the woman and her husband, and upon his return from the vacation, he gave her the silent treatment for a while. His family also indirectly criticized the woman on Facebook.

The woman later updated her post, revealing that her husband’s family hadn’t even informed her about the restaurant’s food choices. She clarified that she wasn’t the only one excluded; her brother-in-law’s girlfriend was also left out.

She asked if she was being unreasonable for leaving the family vacation due to how she was treated. The Reddit post received numerous comments, with people sharing their opinions on the situation.

One commenter pointed out that the woman’s issue wasn’t solely with her husband’s family but with her husband himself, emphasizing that he should never have gone to dinner without her.

They suggested that if she wanted her relationship with her husband to last, she should establish firm boundaries and improve communication, and the husband needed to stand up to his mother.

Another commenter argued that the husband was equally at fault, as he went along with his parents’ decision. They advised the woman to respond to the family’s Facebook posts with her perspective.

Some felt that the woman had underreacted to the disrespect she experienced and suggested that the appropriate response should have been to consider divorce. Others criticized the woman’s family-in-law for their behavior.

In a separate story, another woman had an issue with her mother-in-law being overly involved in her dinner plans, leading to a disagreement with her husband.

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