People React to Kevin Costner’s New Hair Color: “He Looks Goofy”

Kevin Costner made waves on the red carpet with a daring new appearance that set tongues wagging. Adding to the intrigue was his companion for the evening—his teenage son, Hayes.

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival, celebrities flaunted their most exquisite ensembles, but it was Costner who stole the spotlight. Sporting a gray mustache to complement his signature soul patch, he exuded a fresh aura, likely in preparation for his starring role in Horizon: An American Saga, a film he’s also directing.

As he graced the red carpet, Costner surprised onlookers by bringing along his son, Hayes. Both donning matching white suits, Costner opted for a sophisticated button-up shirt while Hayes kept it casual in a gray t-shirt. Yet, it wasn’t merely their coordinated attire that captured attention; eagle-eyed observers couldn’t overlook the Yellowstone star’s remarkable makeover. Shedding his clean-shaven look, Costner sported a bold mustache, and his locks boasted a vibrant reddish-blond hue, igniting a flurry of online chatter.

Fans were delighted to see Hayes accompanying his father, noting the striking resemblance between the two. However, Kevin’s new hair color didn’t go unnoticed. One fan suggested it was time to embrace a more natural look, commenting, “Nice looking son. Time to stop dyeing the hair.” Others were puzzled by the sudden change, with some humorously speculating that his hairdresser might not be doing him any favors.

On social media, reactions were mixed. Some people didn’t even recognize Kevin at first, questioning what had happened to his hair. Others simply wished he would return to his usual style.

Not everyone was fond of Kevin’s new look. One person remarked, “His hair looks ridiculous,” while another said, “Kevin looks goofy.” Additional comments included, “The dyed hair is hideous,” and a blunt, “Really bad look, Kev.”

Comments poured in, with many surprised by the change, asking, “That’s Costner?” and “What happened to Costner’s hair?”

Later during the event, Kevin proudly introduced his other children. The whole family looked fantastic, showing their support for the actor and his son. Kevin was surrounded by his children Annie, Cayden, Grace, Hayes, and Lily. This red carpet moment was especially meaningful because Kevin Costner was promoting a film in which he starred alongside his son.

While Hayes doesn’t often appear in public with his father, the 15-year-old has decided to pursue acting, following in his father’s footsteps, and made his debut in Horizon: An American Saga.

Attending the Cannes Festival together with his family showcased the successful unity Kevin has fostered post-divorce.

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