Outrage Erupts as ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Denies Prize to Contestant Despite Correct Answer

Please note that this story was first published in January 2024 and is being republished.

Enraged fans of “Wheel of Fortune” are protesting, believing that Megan, a contestant, was wrongfully denied $40,000 for a potentially correct response.

Megan, a married choir director at a high school in California, had to solve a bonus puzzle consisting of two words under the “Living Thing” category.

The incomplete phrase “_ N’R _ _ _” was revealed when Megan was led to the puzzle board by host Pat Sajak.

By carefully choosing which letters to use, Megan changed the board to read “P_N_’ RC _ D.”

In the final ten seconds, Megan blurted out her guess, something like “Pink Orchid” or perhaps similar to “Something Orchid.” Megan vocally expressed her annoyance at the correct response, “Pink Orchid,” as soon as the timer chimed and the correct letters illuminated the display.

Sajak, sensing she might be right, pulled out the prize card and showed Megan a potential $40,000, far more than the $14,007 she ultimately received.

Image Source: New York Post

From their living rooms, viewers couldn’t accept the outcome and expressed their frustration to “Wheel of Fortune” regarding Megan’s answer, which they believed was unfairly ruled incorrect.

One viewer lamented, “The woman got screwed on the #WheelOfFortune bonus puzzle tonight; she totally said ‘PINK ORCHID’ right at the start.”

“I reached out to the judges immediately after she said that! I lip-read and use subtitles because I’m deaf in one ear and partially hearing in the other. She clearly said ‘Pink Orchid.’ No doubt!” countered another supporter.

“I’m livid! She got it; pink orchid, she said! ‘WTF?’” exclaimed a third individual.

Image Source: New York Post

Hello, @WheelofFortune. I reviewed the final puzzle and heard the contestant mention “pink orchid” right at the beginning. One upset viewer exclaimed, “You owe her some $$$.”

Hey, @WheelofFortune, if you replay tonight’s broadcast, you can clearly hear her say “pink orchid” while solving the final puzzle. The rightful winner wasn’t given proper credit. Replay it now. She definitely said that! Vibrant Orchid.

Fans of Wheel of Fortune have been increasingly critical of the show amidst this scandal, highlighting what seems to be missteps, like a recent dispute over a rhyme during an Express round. On January 22, tensions rose as the show stumbled over a response in the “Rhyme Time” category, prompting a strong reaction from the audience.

Image Source: New York Post

Amidst the ongoing controversy, two contestants were baffled, but Jill, the third contender, resolved the matter by guessing two “y’s,” resulting in the rhyme “Absolutely Positively.”

Supporters vehemently contested the ruling, arguing that “Absolutely Positively” does not rhyme.

One viewer tweeted, “Hey @WheelofFortune, could you please clarify how these two words rhyme? Because they most definitely do not.”

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