Only 2% Can Find the Lost Pipe! Think You Can? Try Now!

Ready for a challenge? Put your keen observation skills to the test with this task: an elderly gentleman needs help finding his lost pipe.

In the image below, you’ll spot a senior man seated on a bench outside his home. Somewhere in this picture is his beloved possession – his pipe! Can you locate it within a minute and ace this visual puzzle?

The elderly gentleman sports a red, adorned top matched with brown striped pants, engrossed in reading a newspaper. A walking cane rests beside him, and upon closer inspection, you’ll notice vines twining around the bench.

But where might the man’s pipe be hidden? Could it be tucked within the building behind him, or nestled amid the nearby plants?

Take another careful look and give it your best shot before finding the solution below.

Have you found the elusive pipe?

Here’s a valuable clue: the pipe is actually part of another item belonging to the elderly gentleman!

Zoom in on his belongings, and you might just unveil the hidden treasure.

As it turns out, what initially appears to be the top of the man’s walking cane is actually his smoking pipe cleverly disguised within the cane’s design.


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