My Struggle After Inheriting 125K from Grandpa, Only to Have Mom Take It All

An 18-year-old woman inherited $125,000 from her late grandfather, intending to use it for her college education. However, when she approached her mother to transfer the funds, a dispute erupted. The mother insisted on keeping the money, citing it as repayment for her years of support.

Complicating their already strained relationship, the daughter discovered her mother had taken approximately $125,000 from her over the years, including the inheritance. Confronting her mother, tensions escalated. The mother justified her actions, claiming entitlement due to past medical bills she had covered.

Faced with the loss, the daughter threatened legal action, prompting her mother’s vehement response. Seeking advice on Reddit, the majority of users sided with the daughter, advising her to involve an attorney. In a subsequent update, she disclosed that her father had joined forces to recover the money, leading to a lawsuit, potential criminal charges, and impending divorce.

Acknowledging Reddit users for their support, the girl expressed hope for a positive resolution, envisioning her father obtaining full custody of the children as a potential outcome.

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