My spouse was heard griping to his parents about how my cuisine is only fit for animals. And they were all shocked by what I did.

A spouse asserted that her husband lacked culinary skills and didn’t appreciate the cuisine from her homeland. In an effort to find common ground, she decided to master some of his preferred dishes. However, her astonishment grew when she accidentally overheard him making derogatory comments about her cooking in the presence of their extended family. Seeking support, the wife vented her frustrations on Reddit, detailing her husband’s disrespectful and insensitive behavior during a meal with her in-laws.


Devastated by her husband’s hurtful remark, the wife made a firm decision never to cook for him again. Initially, the couple, hailing from different cultural backgrounds, navigated their culinary differences by the wife learning to prepare her husband’s favorite dishes. He appreciated her efforts and even encouraged her to expand her cooking skills. However, during a dinner with her in-laws, the wife overheard her husband making a disparaging comment about her cooking, claiming it was only suitable for pigs, not humans. This unexpected revelation left her feeling deeply hurt and offended.

Shocked by the cruelty of her husband’s words, the Redditor confronted him and declared that she would never cook for him again. Without hesitation, she grabbed her pocketbook and announced her intention to go home. Later, when her husband returned, he apologized for the hurtful remark. He argued that she should be grateful he was still willing to eat her cooking, even if it wasn’t perfect, claiming he was attempting to spare her feelings. The Redditor shared this update, mentioning that her tweet had unknowingly gone viral.

In the aftermath, her spouse had chosen to live with his father, and there was a widespread belief that the wife had overreacted. He perceived her decision as a “threat” and asserted that she was “starving” him. Despite his resistance, the Redditor stood firm in her resolve, refusing to back down from her stance.

Sticking to her decision, the wife informed her husband that he could stay at his father’s place as long as he wanted, reiterating that she didn’t foresee returning to cooking for him anytime soon. She affirmed that he could stay there without any concerns. The hurtful remark made by her husband had put a significant strain on their marriage, and the wife found herself questioning whether she was justified in refusing to cook for him based on what he had said about her meals.

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