“Miss Italy Pageant Stands Firm Amidst Societal Changes, Maintains ‘Only Women Since Birth’ Tradition”

In a resolute move that honors tradition and resists the pressures of contemporary social movements, Miss Italy, the Italian counterpart to the renowned Miss America beauty pageant, has affirmed its commitment to permitting only biologically female contestants to vie for its esteemed crown. Patrizia Mirigliani, the visionary behind the event, has firmly declared that Miss Italy will not succumb to the trend of transgender activism, steadfastly upholding the essence of genuine womanhood within the competition.

Recent events at the Miss Netherlands pageant, where a biologically male contestant was crowned, ignited heated debates and accusations of transphobia from advocates of progressive ideology. Nevertheless, Miss Italy stands unwavering in its decision, with its primary focus on safeguarding the integrity of the competition and celebrating the intrinsic beauty of individuals who are biologically female.

Mirigliani addressed this matter with clarity, asserting, “Recently, beauty contests have sought attention by adopting what I believe are somewhat absurd strategies. Miss Italia, however, will not compromise its principles for the sake of political correctness. Participation is limited to those who are biologically female, not those who identify as such.”

Over the years, Miss Italy has adapted to societal shifts by welcoming contestants with body modifications like tattoos, piercings, and hair enhancements. However, the pageant draws a distinct boundary at redefining the fundamental concept of womanhood.

Mirigliani further emphasized, “Since its inception, our competition has upheld the requirement that contestants must be biologically female. This decision reflects our vision that standards of beauty may evolve, but we must remain true to our core values. We embrace individuality and self-expression, yet we will not compromise on the essence of womanhood.”

The transgender individual who won the Miss Netherlands beauty pageant, Rikkie Valerie Kolle, shared her unique journey to empowerment, a personal achievement she holds dear. While her victory symbolizes personal growth, Miss Italy’s unwavering stance pays homage to the history and ethos of the pageant, which celebrates the beauty of biological women.

The controversy surrounding Miss Italy’s stance has not swayed their conviction. In the face of criticism and opposition, they stand firm, refusing to yield to modern narratives that seek to blur the distinctions between biological sexes.

Conservatives worldwide applaud Miss Italy’s decision to uphold tradition and underscore the significance of honoring women who have faced distinct challenges and experiences. For many, the pageant represents a timeless and cherished institution, and Miss Italy’s commitment to its roots is laudable.

While the world evolves rapidly, Miss Italy remains a steadfast bastion of femininity, showcasing the unaltered beauty of women in its purest form. As the competition progresses, it conveys a compelling message to aspiring women everywhere: their distinctiveness and natural beauty deserve celebration, rather than being overshadowed by efforts to redefine the very essence of womanhood.

In a society where boundaries are being challenged, Miss Italy’s decision serves as a reminder that traditions need not be abandoned to embrace progress. By remaining true to their values, they continue to provide an enchanting stage where women can radiate, inspire, and leave an enduring impact on the world.

The Miss Italy pageant is more than just a contest; it is an institution that embraces femininity, preserves tradition, and showcases the strength of womanhood. As the journey unfolds and new stories are written, Miss Italy stands resolute, unwavering in its dedication to womanhood and the empowerment of generations of women yet to come.


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