MIL Crashes Our Honeymoon, but I Turned the Tables to Protect My Time with My Husband

Currently, Jane and her husband, Robb, are basking in the bliss of their honeymoon. To their surprise, the initial days are disrupted by the unexpected presence of Robb’s mother, Mimi. Despite the frustration Jane feels, she recognizes Mimi’s need for a new source of happiness. Taking matters into her own hands, Jane orchestrates a solution.

The honeymoon, traditionally the most romantic period for a married couple, should be a time of uninterrupted togetherness after the wedding stress subsides. However, as Jane and Robb find out, assumptions don’t always match reality.

It was none other than my mother-in-law who decided to intrude on our festivities.

Robb and I, having been together for six wonderful years, had recently tied the knot. The wedding preparations went smoothly, thanks to the effective collaboration between my mother and Mimi, Robb’s mother. Arriving in Hawaii for our honeymoon, my anticipation for soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean was palpable.

Despite Mimi initially dismissing Hawaii as a cliché, she surprisingly embraced the idea when she discovered Robb had proposed it. Eager for her child to experience a vacation filled with sunshine, she joined us on our Hawaiian getaway.

Fast forward to the honeymoon itself. As we arrived on the island, we were welcomed with refreshing beverages and adorned with floral garlands. Finally, we could unwind and revel in each other’s company, or so we thought.

The serenity was short-lived.

On the second night, while sipping cocktails at the resort’s restaurant, a familiar face appeared behind Robb. Holding my hand, he complimented the sun-kissed glow of my skin. To my surprise, it wasn’t Robb but my mother-in-law, Mimi, who had decided to make an unexpected appearance.

In an unexpected turn of events, my mother-in-law, Mimi, materialized with a Cheshire cat-like smile, brandishing a coconut, and my heart sank to its lowest depths.

With an air of nonchalance, she declared, “Surprise!” to the entire restaurant, as if crashing our romantic supper on an island miles away from home was the epitome of normalcy. To comprehend the audacity, one must acknowledge the considerable distance from our residence.

To provide context about Mimi’s dynamic with my husband, Robb, he is a dedicated workaholic, often teetering on the brink of exhaustion. Truth be told, I shouldered the majority of the wedding preparations due to his relentless business commitments. Consequently, quality time became a rare luxury for us.

Our honeymoon was intended to be a precious time for us to revel in the joy of our newlywed bliss.

However, it became apparent that Mimi wasn’t vying for Robb’s time and attention; rather, she sought refuge from her own solitude. Robb’s father had passed away approximately ten years ago, and since then, he became a crucial source of happiness for Mimi. I acknowledge that I’m not a heartless person; it’s a reality I understand.

But then there was Mimi, standing beside him with her arm draped around his neck. She expressed her distress about the separation, emphasizing how the thought of us being away for two weeks was overwhelming for her.

In the span of three days, Mimi seemed inseparable from Robb, as if they were joined at the hip. She went so far as to intrude on our private moments in bed, lamenting that she couldn’t sleep without video calls, even though her room was just across the hall.

Having had enough, I decided to take matters into my own hands. While Robb was peacefully sleeping, I perused the resort booklet, listing down all available activities. The next day, at around six o’clock, I visited Mimi’s room and became her personal alarm clock. Sitting down with her, I planned out her days to keep her engaged and active.

My intention wasn’t solely to keep her away from us; I wanted her to enjoy her time. Considering the breathtaking location, it was essential for her to seize the opportunity, create memories, and relish the experience.

As a result, she became so tired that she opted for room service instead of joining us for dinner. Fate intervened when, during a spa day, I befriended a woman on vacation with her family. She expressed concerns about her recently widowed father’s enjoyment.

Capitalizing on the opportunity, we organized a surprise meeting for the seniors. After spending time with Charles, Mimi returned with a newfound brightness. A few days later, she announced her decision to return to her home country, accompanied by Charles.

Surprised, I questioned her abrupt departure, thinking she had been having a great time. Mimi explained that they couldn’t tolerate the heat and were eager to return home for a good time. Robb was elated that his mother had found a companion.

Dining together before their departure, I noticed the comfort between Robb and Charles. As they left, I finally got what I had yearned for: a week of undisturbed time with my spouse. No unexpected guests, no late-night calls about loneliness—just the two of us.

My lesson learned? Don’t interfere when a wife seeks time with her husband. Instead, help others find new sources of happiness in their lives.


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