Life-Long Best Friends, Aged 89, Reunite in a Nursing Home to Cherish Their Friendship

Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward: A Lifelong Friendship Defying Time

Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward’s friendship isn’t just a typical teenage pledge of friendship; it’s a remarkable testament to enduring companionship. These two women, known for their mischievous adventures, became inseparable at the age of 11 in 1941. Fast forward 79 years, and they’re still the best of friends at the age of 89.

Their extraordinary connection began during World War II, and their shared sense of humor has kept their bond strong over the years.

In an incredible twist, Kathleen and Olive now reside in the same nursing home, filling the place with laughter and life. Kathleen moved to Berry Hill Park care home in Mansfield, England, in 2018, and Olive followed shortly after. Both widows, they intentionally chose rooms on the same floor to ensure they’re never apart.

Olive used to visit Kathleen every Saturday for lunch when Kathleen first moved in. But then, a brilliant idea struck her: “Why don’t I move in too?” And so she did, ensuring their adventures would continue.

“We’re like giggling schoolgirls, and we still put on our lipstick and get dressed up,” Kathleen joyfully explained.

Their care home manager, Sally Tebbett, described Kathleen as a “proper flirt,” while Olive is the more reserved of the two. Nevertheless, the sparkle in their eyes and their mischievous spirit remain undiminished.

Kathleen and Olive’s heartwarming story is sure to bring a smile to your face. Share this article if their enduring friendship brightened your day.”

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