Jennifer Lopez, 54, Unveils Ben Affleck Tattoo in Lingerie Shoot: Critics Slam ‘Awful’ Ink

In 2022, nearly two decades after their initial split, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot, marking a surprising turn of events in their relationship. Adding a unique touch to their union, the couple decided to commemorate their love with matching tattoos.

The buzz around their tattoos reignited when Lopez recently showcased hers during a lingerie photo shoot, drawing renewed attention to the ink. At 54 years old, Lopez shared glimpses of the tattoo, prominently displayed on her ribcage as she posed in a crop top, giving viewers a peek at the healing artwork.

Reflecting back to Valentine’s Day of the previous year, Lopez had disclosed the couple’s decision to get complementary tattoos to celebrate their newfound marital bliss. The tattoo, featuring an infinity sign adorned with their names ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Ben’ elegantly scripted in cursive, along with an arrow nestled within the symbol, serves as a permanent testament to their enduring bond.


She also shared a snapshot of Ben Affleck’s latest tattoo within the same sequence of images. The actor’s tattoo depicted crossing arrows, with the letter ‘J’ positioned atop their intersection and ‘B’ below.

Furthermore, the post featured endearing snapshots of the couple enjoying time together on boats and in each other’s company. Additionally, she included throwback photos from decades ago when they first dated. In the post’s caption, she expressed her commitment and wished Ben a happy Valentine’s Day, using hashtags like ‘commitment is sexy,’ ‘this is us then,’ and ‘this is us now’ to illustrate their journey together.

While many comments expressed warmth and affection, some criticized the tattoos, deeming them excessive. One commenter predicted future divorce, while another criticized the quality of the ink, anticipating it would blur and fade. A frustrated user even commented on the perceived incongruity of such tattoos for individuals of substantial wealth.

Lopez, who serves as the brand ambassador for lingerie label Intimissi, graced the campaign for the brand’s ‘Silky Intimates’ collection, proudly showcasing her tattoo dedicated to her beloved husband.

The couple tied the knot in Las Vegas just before midnight on July 16, a few months subsequent to announcing their engagement.

Interestingly, the elopement wasn’t part of their initial plan. Originally, they had intended to have an elaborate wedding. Lopez disclosed in an interview, “We had planned to marry in August in Savannah, with family and friends in attendance, but it was all so stressful.”

She humorously added, “And fun fact, a month before, 20 years ago, we were supposed to get married,” making light of their famous engagement back in 2002.


“I heard that, I read that,” Kimmel chimed in, playing along with the banter.

“It sort of all fell apart back then, and this time, I definitely had a little PTSD, so I was like, ‘Is this really happening?'” Lopez shared.

“We were so thrilled, and of course, it was happening, but I just felt like the wedding planning was so overwhelming, and then one day Ben just said, ‘Forget it, let’s just go to Vegas and get married tonight,'” she recounted.


“I was just like, ‘This is crazy, what are we doing?'” she continued, recounting how Affleck took charge and reassured her that he had everything under control.

“So then you get on a Spirit Airlines flight,” Kimmel joked, eliciting laughter from Lopez.

“It was truly the best day of our lives,” Lopez expressed about their impromptu wedding.

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