Jamie Lee Curtis: The Millionaire Who Finds Joy in Simple Living with Her Husband in Their Old Home

When examining celebrities, particularly mega-celebrities, one of the initial points of intrigue often revolves around their residences. It’s fascinating to observe the scale of their homes or even the number of properties they own.

However, a notable departure from this trend can be seen in Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband of 39 years, Christopher Guest. Despite Curtis’s longstanding status as a Hollywood megastar, with substantial wealth amassed over the years, the couple has opted for a more modest approach when it comes to their living arrangements.

Jamie Lee Curtis, a recipient of prestigious accolades such as the Golden Globe, has left an indelible mark in Hollywood. Initially recognized for her roles in iconic horror films, she later showcased her versatility in movies like “Anything but Love,” “Freaky Friday,” and “True Lies.”

Beyond her prowess on the silver screen, Curtis has ventured into the realm of children’s literature, authoring a collection of beloved books that have captivated young readers worldwide.

In 1984, Curtis crossed paths with her future husband, marking the beginning of a enduring relationship that has spanned decades. Their enduring bond is evident in their shared life, their dedication to their children, and their heartfelt celebrations of anniversaries, which they openly and lovingly commemorate.

When Jamie Lee Curtis first laid eyes on Christopher Guest’s picture in a Rolling Stone magazine spread, she felt an instant connection. She openly expressed her desire to marry him, though he didn’t initially reciprocate her feelings. Despite attempting to reach out through his agent, it wasn’t until a chance encounter at Hugo’s restaurant in West Hollywood that their romance truly began.

Their relationship blossomed, leading them to purchase their first shared residence in 1992—a charming 1920s Spanish colonial revival home. Though aged, they transformed it into a space that exudes their unique personalities.

Now over a century old, their home is adorned with personal touches that reflect their journey as a family. For Curtis, the simple joys of life and the essence of companionship resonate deeply. Their home serves as a sanctuary filled with cherished memories and shared experiences.


Here’s to many more joyous years together for Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest.

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