Jamie Farr, ‘MAS*H’ Icon Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger, and Wife Joy Celebrate Remarkable 60 Years of Marriage!

When Hollywood actor Jamie Farr proposed to his wife, Jo Ann Richards, nearly 60 years ago, he did so without a ring—a move that might seem unconventional, but one that proved their enduring love.

Farr’s proposal without a ring wasn’t due to a lack of chivalry, but rather financial constraints. At the outset of his career, Farr faced considerable struggles in securing acting roles, often accepting low-paying gigs to make ends meet.

During this challenging period, Farr’s focus was on providing for himself and his then-partner, Jo Ann Richards, rather than luxuries like engagement rings. Desperate for work, Farr once resorted to unconventional methods to gain attention, even going as far as sticking his head into Danby Thomas’s studio until noticed. Fortunately, this bold move led to a role in “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” providing Farr with a much-needed break in his career.

As Jamie Farr’s career seemed to be on an upward trajectory, he introduced Jo Ann Richards to Dick Van Dyke, only to discover that they hailed from the same small town.

Farr’s stint on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” lasted for four episodes before he was replaced—a setback that left him back at square one in his career. Despite this setback, Farr remained determined to secure meaningful acting opportunities.

His breakthrough came when he auditioned for a role in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Initially perceived as a comedic actor, Farr had to convince the filmmakers that he was capable of portraying a serious character. While awaiting the outcome of his audition, Farr found solace in prayer, often stopping at a Catholic church to beseech St. Jude for assistance.

After persistent prayers and candle-lit appeals, Farr finally received the call he had been anxiously awaiting. However, the news wasn’t what he had hoped for, marking another disappointment in his journey.

Despite initially missing out on the acting opportunity, Jamie Farr’s fortunes took a dramatic turn. Frustrated by the setback, he vented his anger at St. Jude before returning home, only to be met with a surprising phone call from the same filmmaker.

This time, Farr was informed that circumstances had changed, and he had secured the role he had coveted. With little time to spare, he quickly prepared for his upcoming engagements. Soon after, another unexpected call came, offering Farr yet another role—this time, to portray St. Jude himself.

As Farr embarked on this exciting new chapter in his career, he also embarked on a new journey in his personal life. He and Jo Ann Richards officially tied the knot, with their wedding taking place amidst the presence of actors portraying apostles, Jesus, and Mary the Mother of God from the same movie set.

The overwhelming presence of these actors during their orthodox church ceremony left a lasting impression on the minister, who humorously quipped about “working in front of the boss” in reference to Max Von Sydow, who portrayed Jesus.

Despite his rising fame, Farr remained grounded, mindful of the challenging years he endured. Throughout his journey, he found unwavering support in his wife, whom he had promised a ring once their circumstances improved.

It took 13 years for Farr to fulfill this promise. On a memorable day at their favorite restaurant, surrounded by their family, he presented Jo Ann with a tearful wish—a stunning 1.5-carat emerald ring, symbolizing their enduring love and resilience through adversity.

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