Jada Pinkett Smith Confronts Intruders Climbing Onto Her Balcony, Scaring Them Off

Jada Pinkett Smith experienced a frightening ordeal at her Los Angeles-area residence earlier this week. According to law enforcement sources speaking to TMZ, two individuals wearing hoodies attempted to climb onto her balcony while she was inside. The incident occurred shortly before 8 PM when the intruders mistakenly believed the coast was clear. Fortunately, the “Red Table Talk” host spotted them and their plans were thwarted as they fled the scene.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene, but according to our sources, the suspects had already fled and evaded capture. It remains uncertain whether Jada was the intended target or if the incident was part of a broader trend of burglaries targeting affluent residences in and around the Los Angeles area.

Deputies have filed an attempted burglary report, and the case is currently under investigation. Given Jada’s separation from her husband Will for several years now, it’s improbable that he was present during the break-in, despite their amicable relationship, especially following the recent Oscars incident.

Authorities are unsure whether Jada had any other company at the time of the incident or if she was alone. On a related note, Jada mentioned last year that she and Will planned to eventually move back in together, but it seems that hasn’t occurred yet.

Unfortunately, Jada’s home joins a string of recent break-ins in Los Angeles, with notable personalities like “Squid Game” star Lee Byung-hun, actress Lena Waithe, model Abigail Ratchford, and Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves among the victims.

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