Is It Bad to Put My Mother-in-Law to the Test During Christmas?

In this captivating narrative of love and familial dynamics, Sue, an African American woman, recounts her experience assessing her affluent and influential mother-in-law, Diane, during a Christmas gathering. Despite having entered into a clandestine and intimate matrimony with her Caucasian spouse, Richard, Sue had not encountered Diane previously and was eager to form her own impressions of the woman who had raised her husband.

Sue orchestrated a clever examination involving two Christmas presents: a sentimental hand-painted stone featuring Diane’s cat and a lavish Gucci handbag. The objective was to evaluate Diane’s response to the personal gift before unveiling the extravagant one. Unfortunately, Diane’s reaction to the stone fell short of graciousness; she dismissed it as inexpensive and recommended that Sue return it.

The dynamics shifted when Sue unwrapped her gift from Diane—a modest $20 movie theater gift card. Despite the evident disparity in the thoughtfulness of their presents, Sue opted to unveil the Gucci handbag. Diane’s initial joy transformed into scrutiny as she examined every detail, hinting at suspicions that it might be a counterfeit.

Richard, cognizant of the test, confronted his mother about her unappreciative behavior, asserting that Sue had purchased the expensive bag with her own funds and deserved respect. Despite Richard’s intervention, Sue pondered her initial suspicions and concluded that Diane had indeed lived up to the anticipated role of a finicky mother-in-law.

As the narrative draws to a close, Sue contemplates the destiny of the stone adorned with Mittens’ face, reflecting on the intricate nature of family dynamics and the difficulties of connecting disparate worlds. The Gucci handbag stands as a persistent reminder for Diane to reassess her attitude towards Sue, prompting the reader to ponder the intricacies inherent in familial relationships. The story leaves an imprint of the challenges and nuances involved in navigating the delicate terrain of family dynamics and the potential for understanding and growth.

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