Internet Guesses Woman’s Age, Leaves Her Astonished: A Social Experiment

At 36 years old, Emily was shocked by the wide spectrum of guesses about her age on TikTok, with estimates ranging from mid-40s to over 60. Comments dissected her appearance, citing factors like grey hair, skin texture, and fine lines as indicators of her age. Despite the variety of guesses, the prevailing theme centered on assumptions of older age based on physical traits.

Emily disclosed that she had stopped dyeing her hair during lockdown, opting to embrace her natural grey as a symbol of authenticity and self-acceptance.

She highlighted the importance of women feeling confident in their own skin and resisting societal pressures to conform to narrow beauty standards fixated on youthfulness.

Emily made it clear that she has never undergone cosmetic procedures, including Botox, and prefers to go makeup-free. She explained that the bags under her eyes are a result of the demands of motherhood, as she tends to her infant son, whose nighttime awakenings contribute to her fatigue.

@x_emilyjane How Old Am I? Genuinely intigued about this… is age perseved differently by different age groups? Or is it a blanket sociatal view? I keep seeing people comment on how old others appear… so lets do a little experiment. Tell me your age and how old you think I am in the comments. #age #howolddoilook #howoldami #greyhair #ageisjustanumber ♬ original sound – emilyjane

Even after revealing her actual age, Emily continued to receive a variety of comments. Some praised her youthful appearance, while others stuck to their initial guesses about her age.

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