Heartwarming or Controversial? John Legend’s Adorable Daddy-Daughter Moment Sparks Debate

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are known for their openness in sharing glimpses of their family life, frequently posting photos of their four young children online.

While some celebrities opt to keep their children’s faces private, Legend and Teigen delight their followers with candid, behind-the-scenes moments that might otherwise go unseen.

However, a recent photo posted by Legend before this year’s Oscars has sparked controversy. In the picture, Legend and his 13-month-old daughter, Esti, are seen holding hands and walking towards the camera, both dressed only in tops. Legend is wearing half of a tuxedo, while Esti is clad in a lacy pink dress.

Captioned simply “Ready,” the photo drew mixed reactions, with some fans adoring the sweet daddy-daughter moment and others finding it unsettling. Despite the differing opinions, the snapshot undeniably captures a tender moment between Legend and his daughter.

Followers quickly commented on the special father-daughter moment, with many playfully suggesting that Legend looked like he was ready for a Zoom meeting. “Must be ready for a Zoom meeting!” one remarked.

However, the photo also attracted criticism. Some followers found the image inappropriate, criticizing Legend for not wearing pants in the photo.

One commenter wrote, “John, I know you meant well with this pic. What’s wrong with you showing the world you look like you have no underwear on as well! Looking at the bottom of your shirt. You are a father… Have some type of respect. Why post this… Some things you must think about before you post. This doesn’t look too good. I definitely love all the talent you have. This is just not cute!!!”

Other critical comments included, “It’s giving super cringe…,” “This is a little weird too much going on these days. Ppl gotta be careful about what they post,” “This is so distasteful and disgusting,” and “Why do people encourage this? It’s not funny it’s weird.”

In response to the backlash, Legend later returned to Instagram to assure his followers that he did, in fact, wear pants to the Oscars.

What do you think of this picture with John Legend and his daughter? Is it a sweet, innocent moment or is it inappropriate?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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