Heartbreaking Update on Frank Fritz from American Pickers

Life is full of surprises, both joyful and sorrowful. Many recognize Frank Fritz as a beloved television personality, who has experienced both triumphs and setbacks in his career. His story is truly heartwarming.

Frank Fritz and Diann Bankson were longtime partners, but their breakup had a very negative impact on him, leading to problems with alcohol, unemployment, and health issues.

Frank and Diann dated intermittently for years, starting when they were 25 years old. They got engaged in 2017, planning a lovely life together and purchasing a charming farmhouse in Iowa. However, by late 2018, things took a turn for the worse.

Their romance fell apart when Diann caught Frank with another woman. Frank eventually opened up about how deeply the betrayal hurt him and how it motivated him to get a tattoo as a painful reminder.

Reflecting on the situation, Frank said, “I bought a house, an expensive ring, and I was going to marry her.” Discovering her infidelity was too much to bear. He turned to alcohol to cope with the pain, resulting in significant weight loss during this period.

After their breakup, Frank decided to stop dating and focus on overcoming his drinking problem.

Frank also faced turmoil in his career. His time on the History Channel series “American Pickers” ended in March 2020, reportedly due to health issues following back surgery.

Frank eagerly anticipated rejoining the show upon his recovery, yet concrete arrangements for his return were lacking, and it appeared the show was progressing without him.

Meanwhile, Diann embraced life, sharing moments with her new partner, Eric Longlett, on social media as Frank confronted his own struggles. Tragically, Frank was hospitalized after suffering a stroke on July 4, 2022. Prompt assistance was summoned by his companion upon finding him incapacitated.

Frank’s son showed signs of improvement, but his recovery was slow. Frank was discharged from the hospital, placed under guardianship, and admitted to a care facility. A trusted friend was appointed as his temporary conservator and guardian to oversee his financial and personal affairs, ensuring he received necessary attention and assistance.

Medical assessments indicated Frank’s ongoing need for supervision and support with daily activities, medical appointments, and overall well-being. The court recognized this requirement, emphasizing the importance of guardianship to prevent deterioration of his health.

It’s disheartening to hear about Frank Fritz’s situation. Our heartfelt wishes and thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery. Sharing updates about his condition can keep loved ones informed about the well-being of their beloved TV personality.

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