Father’s Heartfelt Return: A Conversation with His Wife from Beyond

A Father’s Phone Call Prank Gone Wrong

One day, a father was eager to chat with his wife, so he dialed home. His daughter picked up the call and chirped, ‘Hello?’

The father inquired, ‘Hi, sweetie, where’s your mother?’

To this, the daughter responded with a mischievous grin, ‘Oh, Daddy, Mom’s upstairs with Uncle John.’

The father, perplexed, retorted, ‘But, darling, we don’t have any relatives named ‘Uncle John.’ What on earth is your mom doing upstairs with Uncle John?’

Shrugging, the daughter innocently replied, ‘Oh, I don’t know, Daddy.’

Thinking on his feet, the father said, ‘Alright, sweetie, I need you to go upstairs, knock on the door, and inform your mom that Daddy has returned from the office.’

The daughter dutifully obeyed, rushing downstairs moments later, her face filled with alarm. She said, ‘Daddy, when Mom heard that, she looked shocked, started racing around, and accidentally fell down the stairs. Now, she’s not responding.’

The father, now concerned, asked, ‘And what happened to Uncle John?’

The daughter delivered another twist, ‘Uncle John leaped out of the window and plunged into the swimming pool. Oh, but you cleaned the pool two days ago, so after landing in the pool, Uncle John… well, he didn’t make it.’

The father, flabbergasted, stammered, ‘But, darling, we don’t have a pool.’

At this point, he had an epiphany and inquired, ‘Is this 566663338?’

The girl giggled, ‘No, Daddy, this is 25599988.’

The man chuckled, ‘Sorry, kid, I got the wrong number!’ and promptly hung up.

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